International Shipping of 4 Ounce Jars

For orders shipped in the International Flat Rate Envelope 
4 Ounce Jars Are Available by Delayed Shipping Only 

Orders for 4-ounce jars may be delayed when shipped in the International Flat Rate Envelope.

The 4-ounce glass jars do not fit the international flat rate envelope. We have received many emails from international customers who regularly buy these larger jars asking for a solution to this problem.

If you place an order for a 4-ounce jar and choose the flat rate envelope, we will package the product in our old plastic jars--either one 4 oz jar or two 2 oz jars.

The problem is that we can only do this when we make a new batch of the product. We usually make new batches every 1 to 2 weeks.

So when you place your order for these jars, shipping for your entire order may be delayed until we make a new batch of the product ordered in the 4-ounce jar.

This means, that if we have just made a new batch before you placed your order, shipping could be delayed for over a week.

Please do not email us to ask when your order will ship because we really will not be able to give you a date.

Items Affected by Delayed Shipping: 

4 ounce Whipped Shea Butter: All scents
4 ounce Whipped Cocoa Butter
5-ounce Facial Scrubs
4-ounce Buttercream Face Wash
5 ounce Salts & Herbs Foot Scrub

Please note: If shipped during warm summer months, these products may melt in transit. The flat rate envelopes and plastic jars offer less protection than shipping in a glass jar in a box!

Since the lids on the plastic jars are not as tight fitting as those for the glass jars, they may leak if the product completely melts. Learn more about warm weather shipping.