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Little Soap with Lip Balm

A great little natural soap sample and organic lip balm gift to say Happy Birthday, Thank You or just Thinking Of You!


Product Description

A lovely little gift of a natural soap sample and organic lip balm to say Happy Birthday, Thank You or just Thinking Of You! 

  • Choose one sample size bar (about 1.7 ounces) of one of our natural soaps and one lip balm. The organic lip balm and labeled sample are placed in a lovely organza bag. 
  • Organza bag colors vary depending on our supply
  • Click here to see our Lip Balms

Please Note: The soap and lip balm in the picture are examples. If you would like to choose the specific soap sample or lip balm for your gift, please include a note, telling us what you would like, in the "order notes" box when you check out. If you do not include choices, we will choose great items for you!

**VERY Important: The following soaps are not available in gift size:

  • Sea Salt
  • Loofah Adzuki
  • Patchouli
  • Seabuckthorn

  • Camping Soap
  • Milk & Honey Baby Soap
  • Bay Rum Soap
  • Foot Soap
  • Shaving Soaps
  • All Seasonal Soaps

If you choose one of these soaps or a soap sample that is out of stock we will substitute another great soap in its place. 


Please see individual items for ingredients. Vegan soaps and lip balms are available.

Soaps are certified "Made With Organic Ingredients" by OEFFA



Aren't all handmade soaps the same? . . .

The answer is NO!

Saying a soap is "handmade" says nothing about quality of the ingredients or the knowledge and skill of the soapmaker!

Natural Organic Dead Sea Mud Soap

Chagrin Valley is not just another soap and skin care company. We are committed to healthy skin, healthy people and a healthy planet.

We are a USDA Certified Organic Company specializing in luxurious, organic, handmade soaps rich in natural glycerin for healthier skin.


It's all about the ingredients! Inspired by our love of nature, we use organic herbs, seeds, flowers, vegetables, fragrant spices, fruits, pure essential oils and purifying clays for their exceptional skin care benefits and to provide natural color, aromatherapy, texture, or gentle exfoliation. Nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, no GMO’s, just natural wholesome ingredients. 

Chagrin Valley's Natural Soap & Shampoo Bars Are...

  • all natural
  • made with USDA Certified Organic ingredients Natural Organic Lemon Lavender Soap
  • handcrafted in small batches using the old-fashioned Cold Process Method
  • made with sustainable and fair trade ingredients
  • certified cruelty-free
  • free of detergents
  • free of synthetic fragrances
  • free of synthetic colors
  • free of artificial preservatives
  • free of artificial foam boosters
  • free of alcohol and petroleum products
  • free of synthetic additives
  • free of GMOs
  • biodegradable
  • mild and nourishing
  • rich in natural glycerin
  • magnificent long-lasting lather
  • cured for 8 to 10 weeks 


Our soap making process uses only natural and organic ingredients. Why add artificial ingredients to a handmade product?

BLOG:  "Are All Handmade Soaps The Same?"

The answer is, YES!

Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve is a USDA Certified Organic company. Certified Organic Skin Care

The most important consideration in any business is its customers. Today's world of misleading claims, false advertising, and simple deception, often leaves consumers trying to discover the truth about personal products and their ingredients.

  • We want our customers to know that we are committed to transparency in everything we do.
  • We want our customers to know that when we say "organic," we mean it.
  • We believe that in becoming a USDA Certified Organic company, our customers do not have to wonder if we really use certified organic ingredients or if our organic products are truly organic.  
  • So we choose to be a certified organic company and abide by the strict standards required for organic certification. 

Why Did We Become a Certified Organic Company?

What Do All of the Organic Labels Mean?

Organic Soap Labeling



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