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Dry Shampoo

Does your hair need a quick fix between shampoos? Our natural organic Fresh Locks™ dry shampoos make your hair look clean and smell fresh when you have to skip the lather for a day or two.

A natural dry shampoo can transform greasy, dull, lifeless hair into fresh locks that are full of body.

How do our Fresh Locks™ Dry Shampoos work? By absorbing excess oils on the scalp and hair, hair has more body and looks freshly washed. It instantly refreshes for a smooth, clean feeling.

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Not All Dry Shampoos Are Created Equal!

July 26, 2015

What is a Dry Shampoo? How Does Dry Shampoo Work? How Do You Use a Dry Shampoo? Are All Dry Shampoos the Same? Commercial dry shampoos come in either powder or aerosol form. The aerosols are made with propellants which can cause problems for those with sensitive noses and for the environment. Other dry shampoos contain alcohols, talc, artificial fragrances, and other synthetic ingredients.

Essential Oils Used in Hair Care

June 13, 2016

Essential oils, nature’s botanical essences, can work wonders on your hair and scalp. They can be used to cleanse the scalp, strengthen hair, control irritation and dandruff, stimulate hair follicles, improve circulation and even promote hair growth. Some essential oils improve the condition of the scalp whiles others improve the condition of the hair.

Hair Care Herbs

May 21, 2016

Herbal infusions have been used for centuries to naturally soften hair, increase manageability, and restore luster, body, and bounce. Herbal hair rinses can provide a deep cleansing, lighten, darken or enrich your natural hair color, soothe irritation, prevent dandruff or stimulate the scalp to increase growth.

How To Use Our Organic Herbal Hair Detangler Tea

August 15, 2017

Chagrin Valley Herbal Detangler Tea Rinse is an herbal hair tea made with specially selected organic herbs and botanicals that will help decrease tangles naturally and will not damage hair or cause buildup.