New Fall Seasonal Now Available! Apples & Spice Soap . . . . . Limited supply of  Summer Breeze Soap still available


When is the Next Scrap Sack Sale and What Scraps Will be Available?

When is the Next Scrap Sack Sale?

April 16, 2019, at 12 pm (noon) DST: The date will be announced in our newsletter (link to sign up). It will not appear on our social media platforms. 

Cost for each One Pound Sack is $10.95 each. They will remain on sale until they are sold out.

There is a limit of ONE (1) scrap sack per order ***that means 1 soap scrap sack OR 1 shampoo scrap sack per order.


What Scrap Sacks Will be Available Next?

Soap Scraps:

Mystery Sack*
Sea Buckthorn & Tea Tree
Adzuki Bean Complexion
Chocolate & Honey
Carrot & Honey Complexion
Coconut Shea
Citrus Woods Green Tree
Cucumber Yogurt
Honey Butter
Patchouli Hemp
Peppermint Twist
Simply Castile
Rhassoul Yogurt Complexion
Marsh Mallow Chickweed
Fig & Plum Complexion
Lemon Lavender
Lavender Rosemary
Shea Rose Clay Complexion
Loofah Pumice Foot Soap
Lemon Lime Shaving Soap


Shampoo Scraps:



What is a Mini Scrap Sack Sale?

Mini Scrap Sack sales occur periodically when we have a large collection of scrap from just a few soaps or shampoos. During these mini sales, there will only be a couple of varieties of soap and/or shampoo scrap sacks available. 


What is a Mystery Scrap Sack?

If there are *Mystery Scrap Sacks available they contain a mixture of soap scraps.

Each mystery sack is different. We do not have a list of what is in each sack. They have a discounted price that is less than the normal Scrap Sack price.