Why We Use Rising Star Coffee Roasters' Products

Natural Organic Coffee Skin CareRising Star Coffee is an amazing oasis in the heart of a thriving urban area of Downtown Cleveland known as the Ohio City district. Located in the old Ohio City Firehouse, Kim Jenkins is the visionary who decided to begin the operation they refer to as "progressive coffee roasting." 

We like their simple philosophy about coffee. "Buy dang good coffee and pay the farmer and the producer enough money to live and maybe even enjoy life." They develop direct trade relationships with all of their producing partners and coffee farmers. They call it "Relationship Coffee."

For a long time, all farmers in producing countries were paid slave wages and huge corporations benefited from their labor. We are proud to have a collaboration with a company like Rising Star Coffee Roasters that works directly with the coffee producers. As a result, they have not only improved the quality of the coffee, but also the quality of life for farmers that are fairly compensated for their superior beans.

At Chagrin Valley Soap we believe in the power of small businesses and know they are the engine that drives our country. Small business owners and employees have expertise in their industry, passion for the products they manufacture and sell, value their customers and take a special pride in their trade.