Will The Henna Natural Shampoo Bar Color My Hair?

Will The Henna Natural Shampoo Bar Color My Hair?

Natural Organic Henna Shampoo BarA henna paste applied directly to your hair will change the color of your hair. A henna shampoo bar will not.

We used to make three different Henna Shampoo bars; Auburn, Chestnut, and Strawberry. The goal was that each type of bar would be helpful for different colors of hair.

What we discovered from our own personal experience and customer feedback was that whether your hair was blonde, red or brown, the type of Henna Bar used made no difference in the highlights.

Each bar produced the same results on every hair color.

The feedback showed that these three bars helped . . .

  • enhance highlights and shine
  • condition hair
  • strengthen hair
  • enhance body and luster

Many people think of henna as simply a hair coloring product, but henna is great for hair care. The purpose of a Henna Shampoo Bar is to get the advantage of henna's a natural deep conditioning as it seals in moisture and enhances body, luster, highlights, and softness.

A Note For Those with Very Light or Colored Hair

Our henna shampoo bars are not strong like a pure henna paste treatment.

We have had a number of people with light hair and dyed hair use our henna bars without any problems.

That being said, all hair and hair dye is not created equal...so to be safe, try a test strand before using on your whole head.

For more detail about Henna please read our blog, "Henna Shampoo Bars."

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