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Organic Lime Juice

Limes are powerhouses of vitamins and nutrients and can help improve the health of your skin when applied topically. Limes help  . . .

  • Close Pores: Lime oil has astringent properties when applied topically. It will help tighten pores and balance oil production for a clearer, brighter complexion.

  • Exfoliates: Like other citrus fruits, limes contain citric acid. When applied externally, the acids scrub away dead cells allowing healthy skin to shine through and help reduce flare-ups of acne and blemishes. 
  • Decrease Bacteria: Limes have natural antibiotic properties. When dirt, oil, and dead skin cells clog your pores, bacteria can cause inflammation, acne, redness, and soreness. A lime soap may help keep acne-causing bacterial growth at bay. 


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