Natural Cotton Muslin Soap Bag Natural Cotton Muslin Soap Bag

Cotton Muslin Soap Bag

Small, versatile natural cotton drawstring bag great for soap scraps, traveling and gifts.

Product Description

This versatile muslin cotton drawstring bag has many uses. The size is 5 inches wide by 8 inches tall.

  • Scrap Saver: Use up every last little piece of your natural soap. Place soap scraps in the bag, wet it and scrub away. The muslin fabric will create a nice lather and gently exfoliate. Hang to dry between uses. 

  • Gift: Purchase a few of our products, slip them into the little cotton bag and make your own personalized natural skin care gift.

  • Travel Bag: When traveling or camping, I pack my full size or sample bars in this muslin bag.
    • Traditional plastic soap cases keep soap bars wet and by the end of your trip you have a gooey mess.
    • Simply slide your soap into the cotton sack.
    • The natural cotton allows the bar to breathe and makes your travel bag smell lovely!
    • When I travel I take a small plastic bag with me just in case I have to pack my soap in the muslin bag while it is still wet. When I get to my next location I remove it from the plastic. 
    • If the soap dries in the bag it may stick when you remove it--but that's okay.
    • When you return home, rinse the bag thoroughly, air dry and you are ready for the next trip. 

Muslin is a natural fiber and may mold over time if not allowed to dry.


Hand wash with warm soapy water and hang or dry flat

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