Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends

Our certified organic essential oil blends harness the power of multiple oils which work well together. The result is a blend that is more effective than a single oil and carefully crafted to serve a specific purpose. In aromatherapy, this phenomenon is known as “synergy.”

Our essential oil blends are bursting with aromatic scents to boost your mood, balance emotions, provide relaxation, invigorate the spirit, foster happy feelings or promote restful sleep. Each is created with specific therapeutic and aromatic goals in mind.

More About Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends:

For thousands of years, pure plant essences have been used to soften skin, help alleviate physical or emotional ailments, add joyfulness to life, purify the air, for ritual celebrations, and so much more.

You may be thinking, “I love using individual essential oils, so why blend them?" 

The answer is synergy. Synergy simply means that skillfully blended essential oils are more effective and offer aromatherapeutic effects that differ from any single essential oil.

Our essential oil blends are crafted to serve a specific purpose. Whether to calm anxiety, awaken the mind, clear negative energy, promote mental clarity, or ease minor congestion, headache, or muscle tension, each essential oil is carefully chosen with the intended goal in mind.

The purpose of aromatherapy is to elicit some reaction in the body. Since we are all unique, not all oils will affect everyone in the same manner.

Are you looking for a specific type of aromatherapy? Use the “Helps With” filter on the top left side of this page. Find blends that can help improve sleep and relaxation, relieve stress and anxiety, uplift your mood lift, energize your body & mind, enhance focus, and ease congestion, and motion sickness.

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, have a medical condition, or have any medical concerns regarding yourself or your family always consult a qualified, licensed health professional prior to use.

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