Body Powder

The idea of using a "body powder" or "dusting powder" might seem a bit old-fashioned but if you have not tried our silky organic body powder, you don't know what you are missing! Chagrin Valley’s gentle, organic herbal body powders provide soft, silky skin protection. It is basically a powdered deodorant that you can apply anywhere on your body.

Organic root powders, soothing botanicals, and natural clay help regulate skin moisture by absorbing excess oil and perspiration which helps reduce the friction that causes heat rashes, chafing, and irritation.

More About Body Powder:

Why Powdered Body Powder?

The concept of using a “body or dusting powder” may seem old fashioned, but it is time to revisit this vintage product in a new form made with organic ingredients. Our pure botanical blends create a silky barrier which can help wick away perspiration, absorb excess moisture, and reduce chafing irritation.

Great for hot and humid weather, Organic Body Powders help keep skin feeling soft, silky, cool, and dry. They are also wonderful as a light whole body powder deodorant, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Using Natural & Organic Body Powder

  • Use after a shower or bath or anytime skin needs a refresh to keep skin feeling smooth, soft, and dry
  • Our Fresh Feet Powder keeps feet fresh and dry
  • Add a sprinkle to your sheets when making your my in the morning
  • Talc-free, cornstarch free, gluten-free, and synthetic free
  • Great for men and women
  • Use to prevent chafing and odor
    • Pay special attention to areas where you perspire most
    • Sprinkle a small amount of  powder onto your hand and apply to those areas
    • Gently massage the powder into the skin until it is fully incorporated

Our Body Powders are packaged in biodegradable paperboard tubes.