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Organic Virgin Shea Butter

Unrefined Shea Nut Butter, Vitellaria paradoxa (AKA Butyrospermum parkii), comes from the fruit kernels of the Karite Nut tree found in the savannahs of Western Africa.

Shea Butter has been used in Africa for many centuries to alleviate problems of the skin and scalp and has been shown to increase the healing of wounds and improve scars.

It is used to soothe burns, rashes, and very dry skin, as well as to lessen the irritation of eczema and psoriasis. It penetrates deep, moisturizes, and nourishes, and is excellent for dry, damaged, and maturing skin.

Shea butter contains unsaponifiable fats, which do not turn into soap and thus supply wonderful moisturizing properties in a bar of soap.

Fair Trade Certified Organic Skin CareIn hair care, Shea Butter provides deep nourishment for the hair shaft and moisturizes dry, dull hair resulting in improved luster and manageability. It is particularly beneficial for processed and heat-treated hair and is also believed to help promote new hair growth.


Fair Trade Certified™ is the global brand of Fair Trade USA, a nonprofit organization.

We use only virgin, unrefined, organic shea butter. Unrefined shea butter has not been bleached or deodorized and retains its natural scent, color, and nutritional benefits.

All shea butters are not created equal. Please read our Shea Butter Tutorial


LATEX: Shea butter contains natural latex. Although it is not exactly the same as the sap-like latex extract from the Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis), it is very similar in chemical composition. Although the quantities of latex in shea butter are small, this natural latex is responsible for the sealing property that shea butter has that may aid in protecting skin from UV sun rays.

TREE NUT: Shea nuts are tree nuts and are considered by the FDA to be true nuts. Although Shea is a nut, and the butter is derived from the nut, at this time there are no reports of either topical immediate allergic reactions or reactions from the ingestion of shea nut oil or butter. Of course, this can in no way guarantee that such a reaction could not occur.

Persons suffering from LATEX or NUT allergies should ALWAYS consult with their Health Care Provider and do an Allergy Patch Test before using any shea butter product.

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