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We believe that nature provides all of the simple nourishing ingredients we need for our natural organic baby care products.

Baby skin is not mature at birth, continues to develop over the first year of life and they have a lot of skin for their small bodies. Compared to an adult, the cells are smaller, the skin is much thinner and more prone to dryness.

A baby’s delicate skin is also more permeable (allows stuff to pass through) than adult skin which makes them more vulnerable to any substance applied to the skin.



A baby’s skin, so thin and delicate, is no place for harmful synthetic chemicals. Sadly, even some of the most trusted baby brands add nasty chemicals to their products. So keep it natural from their first day with our gentle baby collection, meticulously formulated for even the most sensitive skin. Nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, just wholesome natural ingredients you can trust.

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Cradle cap is very common in young infants. It usually appears on the scalp and occurs most often between the ages of two and six months but can last longer. Symptoms can vary from simple dandruff-like flakes to oily, yellowish or brown crusting patches.

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March 28, 2014

We believe in natural and organic ingredients because we manufacture and sell products that cater to the largest organ in the human body—the Skin. No skincare product, whether natural, organic or conventional can “cure” aging. Aging is a fact of life, not a condition that needs to be (or can be) cured by skincare products. So, why use organic skincare? My answer—Why Not!