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How To Travel With Natural Soap


Has your bar of natural soap ever left the bath or shower? If the answer is no, we think it’s time for it to explore! Your natural soap has places to go and people to see!

Soap was the first natural skin care product that I learned to make using a little mold that produced only 8 bars. After 14 years, my skin has become so accustomed to the gentle, mild lather that anything else makes my skin dry and itchy. So when I travel, so does my soap!

We wanted to share a few quick tips on different places we bring our natural soap, These small changes could help make your life a little easier and your skin a bit healthier



Natural Soap Scraps for Purse and TravelSituation: The liquid "soap" available in public restrooms may not only be irritating your skin, it may also be spreading disease.

Public restrooms replaced bar soaps with liquid detergent soap in the 1960s when liquid soaps became readily available.

Scientists have known for quite a while that liquid soap dispensers in public restrooms can easily become contaminated with bacteria from airborne particles or the hands of people refilling them. Also, to save money some companies dilute the concentrated soap not only making it less effective against germs but increasing the chances of mold and bacterial growth.

Our suggestion: Cut a full bar of soap or soap scraps small one-time use pieces. You can do the same with scrap from one of our scrap sack sales (see below).

But here is another way that saves money and waste. My husband hates using slivers of soap in the shower. So when we are ready fro a fresh soap bar, I save the slivers, allow them to dry completely and toss them into a paper bag. As I need them I then cut them onto into small one-time use pieces.

You can store your single use soap pieces plastic zip bag, cotton muslin bag or small paper bag. I like to save the metal tins from my lotion bars and use them for small soap scraps. The scraps are easy to carry in your purse, backpack, briefcase, or car. Now you can wash your hands with natural soap instead of the chemical-laden detergents in public restrooms.

I know many people carry hand sanitizer, but remember that hand sanitizer does not "clean" your hands.

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The Gym

Situation: You go to the gym before or after work and often shower after a workout. Your normal routine includes packing bottles of shampoo and/or body wash, or maybe just using the product at the gym.

Our suggestion: Bring along a bar of natural soap or shampoo. I cut a full bar in half and use a plastic travel soap dish since the soap will be wet after my shower.

The smaller size bar will last longer. Natural soap will get quite soft if it remains wet, so open the soap dish at home and allow the soap to dry. You can also store your natural soap in a nylon soap sack and place it in a plastic bag or reusable waterproof soap case for travel.



Natural Organic Handmade Soap Sample Trial SizeSituation: Camping is your family tradition, and you always bring commercial soap and shampoo from the store.

Now you’ve realized how much damage the chemicals can have on the environment, even the small run off of soaps and shampoos at your campsite.

Our Suggestion: While all of our soaps are made with natural ingredients and are biodegradable—even biodegradable soap can eventually pollute lakes and streams if it is not used sparingly.

So, using our natural soap is better than the harsh chemicals in commercial products, but be sure that your soapy rinse water ends up in the soil away from fresh water sources like lakes, rivers, and streams.

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Business Trips

Situation: You’re traveling on a tight schedule--maybe even on short notice. You could be driving to the city next door, or flying across the country for a conference, seminar, or business retreat. You have to pack light and get ready quickly.

Our Suggestion: Natural soap may not seem like the answer to traveling stress and packing light—but it could help! Instead of worrying about liquid soap leaking all over your only business suit, or getting irritated skin from the hotel soap, pack a small piece of a dry soap bar. Wrap it in a small cotton bag or even a sock. It will keep your clothes smelling fresh. Choose a lavender scented soap for bonus stress-relieving aromatherapy benefits.


International Travel

Travel Bag with Natural SoapSituation: You’re going on a two week European vacation and stopping in multiple cities (yes, we’re jealous!).

We all know that when traveling like this you have to pack light and try to keep TSA security hold-ups to a minimum.

Traveling with liquids (like shampoos and body wash) can leak, will make your luggage heavier and if you are only bringing a carry-on luggage, it slows you down as you travel through the TSA security lines.

Our Suggestion: How you pack and use your soap depends how you will be traveling. Staying in one place for two weeks, pack a bar of soap. However if you are moving from place to place use trial size bars, cut a full bar into smaller pieces, use dried soap slivers you have saved from your shower, or use scrap from one of our scrap sack sales (see below). I like to have small enough pieces so that my husband and I can use them for a day and then there is very little left to toss away.

Another helpful travel tip—You can use your natural soap to do a quick wash of your clothes in the sink, then leave them to hang dry while you are out exploring the town. This saves you the money and time of visiting/finding a local laundromat. It also saves you extra space in your luggage for fun souvenirs to bring back instead of packing additional clothes. Win win!


Hint! Hint! Hint!

Natural Organic Soap Scraps Great for TravelTake advantage of our Soap and Shampoo Scrap Sack Sales.

Each scrap sack contains one pound scrap. Each scrap sack contains one type of natural soap or shampoo.

Get all the goodness of our all natural handmade soap at real savings!

Scrap Sack sales are only offered 2-3 times per year.

Click here for more information on scrap sacks.


What’s Your Favorite Place To Take Natural Soaps?
Share Your Tips With Us In The Comments Below.



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