Herbal Facial Steams & Toners

A spa treatment for your complexion, our natural Herbal Facial Steams & Toners are made with organic herbal blends carefully chosen for their soothing, cleansing, purifying, and balancing properties.

The aromatic oils locked inside the herbs are rich in nutrients that soothe and tone skin. After coming into contact with moist heat, these oils are released and can be absorbed by the skin. They are great for all skin types.

More About Herbal Facial Steams & Toners:

A facial steam, one of the most ancient practices for facial skin, is marvelous for your skin. A facial steam:

  •  opens pores and allows them to breathe, loosens debris and softens rough skin
  • simulates circulation and brings a bright complexion and rosy glow back to dry, dull, lackluster complexions
  • relaxes muscles and plumps wrinkles
  • hydrates skin, giving it a healthy glow

Facial Teas are a versatile product: Use them as:

  • great skin toners (see “How To Use Organic Facial Herbs” below for recipes)
  • a compress on irritated skin areas
  • an herbal wash bag with or without soap

Our Congestion Blend, great for colds and sinus problems, can be used in the bath, as a facial steam, a compress or even in a potpourri simmering pot. 

For more information please read "Using Herbs for Facial Skin Care & Toners"

If you have a chronic skin condition or any medical condition please talk with your health care provider before using a steam. 

Please visit our Product Knowledge Base for tips to help choose Natural Facial Skin Care products.

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