Natural Organic Sea Buckthorn Healing Lip Butter Balm Natural Organic Sea Buckthorn Healing Lip Butter Balm

Healing Herbs

An organic lip balm made with soothing oils and botanicals that moisturize and help promote healing.


Product Description

A natural lip balm made with healing oils and botanicals. Within minutes bring the soothing qualities of our organic healing herbal infusion directly to your lips.

  • Beta carotene rich Sea Buckthorn has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbiological activity that helps promote healing
  • Rosehips oil nourishes dry lips as it promotes healing
  • Jojoba oil and the natural squalane in extra virgin olive oil closely resemble our own skin sebum, making them effective natural moisturizers

What you put on your lips goes into your body. This is an All Natural, Certified Organic, Cruelty-Free, Non-GMO lip balm.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is infused with Organic Calendula, Organic St. John's Wort, Organic Chickweed, Organic Plantain and Organic Walnut Leaf

How to Use

Directions: Apply balm liberally to your lips as often as needed to help heal protect dry or chapped lips. Particularly helpful during dry, cold weather conditions.

  • Apply Lip Balm At Night: At night many people sleep with their mouths open, causing their lips to dry out. Apply lip balm before going to sleep—especially in the winter. 
  • Prepares Lips For Color: Moisturized lips provide smooth and soft background for color. Applying a very thin coat of lip balm before lipstick helps color shine.

Product Reviews


Hey Chagrin Valley I am writing about your healing herbs lip butter. I had (notice I said HAD) the worst chapped lips ever.  They would crack and bleed and were so sensitive that the pain was almost unbearable.  I would get these cracking sores on the side of my mouth that would hurt if I opened my mouth to even bite into a sandwich. This lip balm definitely solved the problem. Over the years I spent so much money trying to find a lip balm that helped the dryness, peeling and cracking and this lip balm truly is a healer. Some other products may have helped for an hour, but this one actually lasts for a long time after application. I used it a lot during the day for the first week and now a couple times a day is all I need.  My lips thank you guys!   Melanie, Florida

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