Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Olea europea, obtained from the first pressing of the whole olive fruit, is the unrefined, pure oil that retains all the skin-nourishing nutrients and antioxidants from the olive.

Rich in vitamins A, D, K, and E, EVOO attracts external moisture, holds the moisture close to the skin, and forms a breathable film to prevent loss of internal moisture. Since the fat composition of olive oil is very similar to that of human skin, it rarely causes allergic reactions and does not block the natural functions of the skin. Olive oil is believed to have healing properties and helps keeps skin soft, supple, and younger-looking.

EVOO is rich in squalene a natural emollient that boosts hydration and can help your skin appear more vibrant and healthier. Squalene is a lipid naturally produced by the sebaceous (oil) glands in our skin. Unfortunately, our skin production of squalene decreases with age. 

While EVOO is great for all skin types including sensitive skin, the moisturizing properties of natural squalene are especially helpful for those with dry and/or mature skin.

In hair care, olive oil, used for centuries in hot oil treatments, helps repair split ends, control dandruff, and makes your hair shiny, silky, and lustrous. It moisturizes, dry, dull or damaged hair, increases volume and shine, and helps reduce frizz.

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