Aren't all handmade soaps the same? 


The answer is NO!
Saying a soap is "handmade" says nothing about
the quality of the ingredients or
the knowledge and skill of the soapmaker!

We Are Different! 
And What Makes Us Different-- Makes Us Better!

Natural Organic Loofah Soap
Chagrin Valley is not just another soap and skincare company.

We are on a mission to make our customers healthier and our Earth a little greener.

We are committed to healthy skin, healthy people and a healthy planet.

We specialize in luxurious, organic, handmade herbal soaps rich in natural glycerin for healthier skin.



How Our Natural Soaps Are Made

Chagrin Valley natural soaps and shampoo bars are handmade from scratch, using the cold processed method, one batch at a Natural Organic Ingredientstime -- to ensure freshness, consistency, and perfection--by our family for your family. 

Making soap is not that difficult. But making great natural soap is a skill that matures with increased knowledge and experience.

We approach the art of soapmaking as a "science" rather than simply a craft. Ida's background in Chemistry and Biology, courses in Herbology, and hours and hours of research, results in the gentlest, silkiest, most lathering soap you can buy.

The science of soap making lies in the selection of the base oils and butters that lend unique properties to the finished soap. At Chagrin Valley a great deal of research and experimentation goes into finding just the right mixtures of oils and butters to create each of our moisturizing soaps and shampoos.

Natural Bamboo Charcoal Acne SoapOur recipes are meticulously developed to produce a mild, rich, soothing soap that feels creamy in your hands, offers a magnificent long-lasting lather, and leaves your skin and hair feeling clean, soft, silky, and radiantly healthy.

Every bath and shower will become a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

Some "handmade" soap companies purchase pre-made, mass-produced soap base, melt it down, toss in a bunch of botanicals and fragrance oils and call it handmade soap. It's like making a cake from scratch versus making a cake by enhancing a box mix.

While I admit that I have made some interesting desserts using box mixes, nothing beats Natural Organic Handmade Soapthe quality of something truly handmade from scratch, where you know the quality, purity, and freshness of each ingredient.

Each bar of natural soap--made, cut, and trimmed by hand, and cured for 8 to 10 weeks--is unique.

The silky smoothness of our handmade natural soaps comes from the finest natural soap-making ingredients available.

To learn more about our soapmaking process read our blog, "How We Make Soap At Chagrin Valley."


Chocolate Honey Natural Soap

Handmade vs Natural

You often see words like "handmade," "handcrafted," or "homemade" on websites and packaging.

Be mindful of the fact that not every personal care product that is "handmade" is natural. Soap is a perfect example of this. Not all handmade soap is natural soap.

There are many soapmakers who hand make soaps with beautiful synthetic colors and synthetic fragrance oils--it can be a true art form. Now that's okay if that is what you are looking for. But if you want a natural soap for you and your family be sure to read the ingredients.


Compare Our Ingredients

Skincare products are only as good as the ingredients used to create them.


At Chagrin Valley Soap we believe that natural is better.

It does not make sense to create "all natural" products with plant-based oils and butters that are grown using toxic pesticides, that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or that use solvents or other toxic chemicals in their processing. How is this "natural?"

Compare the ingredients in Chagrin Valley Handcrafted Natural Soaps to those of other soap companies. We pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients!

USDA Certified Organic Skin Care


We are a USDA Certified Organic Company!

We use USDA Certified Organic ingredients whenever they are available. 

All natural and organic ingredients are expensive. Compare the price of fresh orange juice to an orange-flavored drink. But which would you choose for your family?


Inspired by our love of nature and gardening, Chagrin Valley Natural Soaps are handmade Organic Skin Carewith herbs, seeds, grains, flowers, vegetables, fruits, and natural botanical essential oils to provide natural color, aromatherapy, texture, and gentle exfoliation.

Many of our bars are enriched with natural emollients such as Shea, Mango, and Cocoa Butters.

We use more costly organic virgin, unrefined oils, and butters whenever possible because they are less refined preserving more of their inherent nutrients.


We use organic food-grade base oils, really good enough to eat, which cost a lot more than the cosmetic grade, lower quality oils.

Our natural soaps and shampoos, like all of our products, are free of synthetic chemicals.

Organic Coconut Oil Skin Care

Our rich, creamy lather is produced by natural oils like coconut, babassu, and castor bean, rather than synthetic foaming agents and detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate.

Our soaps are not only great bath soaps but also facial soaps and shaving bars (the lather is incredible!).


We are proud to list ALL of the ingredients in every one of our products!


Plug the words "Avocado Soap" into Google, Yahoo, or your favorite web browser. Are the soaps you find made with real avocado pulp--or simply made with avocado oil and scented with synthetic fragrance oils? Our avocado soap is made with fresh organic avocado pulp, organic oats, and pure honey.

Natural Pumpkin Soap
Try another search...this time use the words "Pumpkin Spice Soap." Are the soaps you find made with real pumpkin--or simply scented with synthetic pumpkin spice fragrance oil?

Our seasonal natural Pumpkin Spice soap is made with real organic pumpkin and organic ground spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. This natural soap, colored by pumpkin pulp and natural carrot juice, is loaded with beta-carotene.


We use lots of real produce like carrots, cucumbers, avocados, apples and oranges. We useNatural Organic Carrot Soap real chocolate, coffee, beer, tomato juice, and spices. Our floral soaps are made with floral-infused oils and real flower petals!

Our herbal natural soaps contain herbal infused oils and real herbs! Our fruit soaps contain real fruit, fruit juice, fibers, peels, and zest!

Many soap companies add botanicals, herbs, clays and other beneficial ingredients to their soaps. These ingredients add texture, color and have great skin care benefits. But a beneficial ingredient can offer little benefit if it is only present in small amounts.


We do not skimp on the quality or quantity of ingredients used in our bars.

Natural Dead Sea Mud & Black Clay Soap

We have seen Dead Sea Mud or Rhassoul Clay soaps that are almost white in color. Dead Sea Mud is a deep, dark, slate gray color and Rhassoul a deep brown.

At Chagrin Valley Soap we also use herbs and botanicals for texture and color. But we also want our natural soaps and shampoos to provide your skin with the most benefit from these natural additives as possible.

Organic Calendula Oil Skin Care

That is why many of our soaps are made with infused oils. We take a generous helping of beneficial botanicals and herbs and slowly infuse them into our soapmaking oils.


Our soap making process uses only natural and organic ingredients. There are no artificial fragrances or colors! Why add artificial ingredients to a handmade product?


Organic Rose Skin Care


Although synthetic fragrances or "nature identical" oils are available in a wider selection and at a much lower cost, our scented soaps contain only pure plant, organic essential oils from nature's finest botanicals.

The natural colors in Chagrin Valley Handmade Natural Soap come from spices, juices, teas, herb infused oils, and other natural ingredients that can be found in your food pantry--not from synthetic color additives.

At Chagrin Valley, we make our soaps with the best organic ingredients we can find. They may be more expensive, but we believe it makes a difference.


Chagrin Valley's Natural Soap & Shampoo Bars Are...

  • natural
  • certified organicNatural Adzuki Complexion Soap
  • certified cruelty-free
  • free of detergents
  • free of synthetic fragrances
  • free of synthetic colors
  • free of artificial preservatives
  • free of artificial foam boosters
  • free of alcohol and petroleum products
  • free of synthetic additives
  • free of GMOs
  • biodegradable
  • mild and nourishing
  • rich in natural glycerin



Compare Our Bar Size

Our Bars are larger than most! Do a cost per ounce comparison.
Natural Bay Rum Soap for men
When our handmade soap is removed from the mold it is cut, weighed, and allowed to cure for 8 - 10 weeks.

As our curing bars sit and wait for a new home, they continue to lose water weight and shrink. Our longer curing process ensures a milder, harder, longer lasting bar, with a very rich lather.

We aim for each organic soap bar to weigh a generous 6.5 to 7.0 ounces at cutting and 5.6 to 6.2 ounces (average size 5.8 oz.) after curing. Some companies sell their soaps after only one month of curing. The soap bars of most companies are about 3.5 to 4 oz!

Our end product is a wholesome, truly natural, handcrafted soap.


A Note About Natural Soap: I received an email asking how I could call my soaps natural "since soap does not exist in nature and it is created by a chemical reaction."

I must admit that the gentleman has a point. There is no soap tree or waving field of soap plants. I too have a problem with the way in which the word "natural" is used today. Just Check out my Blog, "We Need To Do Away With The Word Natural" and you can see my concerns.

But, back to the question. I look at making soap like baking bread. Bread is the result of a Natural Organic Goat Milk  Oatmeal Soapchemical reaction. Bread does not exist in nature.

Now, I can make some great homemade bread from scratch with simple ingredients like organic whole wheat flour, water, yeast, oil, and salt.

Or, I can buy commercial bread made with: all-purpose flour (bleached with benzoyl peroxide and made from genetically modified wheat), dough conditioners (sodium stearoyl lactylate, calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate, mono- and diglycerides, calcium peroxide, calcium iodate, azodicarbonamide), artificial colors and artificial preservatives.

I feel very comfortable calling my homemade bread (and my handmade soap) "Natural."