Collection: Bath & Body Oil

Centuries before the invention of water-based lotions, women used infused natural oils to moisturize and protect their skin.

Skin nourishing oils soften and pamper skin while aromatic essential oils calm the soul, balance emotions, help reduce stress and provide feelings of relaxation and contentment.

Each blend delivers a unique formula designed to help soothe your skin, relax your body, and refresh your spirit.

More About Bath & Body Oil:

Our bath, body and massage oils can offer the benefits of both topical and inhalation aromatherapy.

These organic multipurpose bath oils are made with therapeutic organic botanicals infused in skin-nourishing vegan, plant oils and blended with organic essential oil aromatherapy blends.

Use these versatile oils as a...

  • massage oil: feel relaxed yet rejuvenated
  • bathtub oil: transform your bath into a pampering spa to relieve stress or feel energized
  • after bath and shower oil: massage directly onto damp skin to soften and moisturize

Our Vanilla Bean and Baby Me! bath and body oils contain no essential oils for those with sensitive skin and noses.

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