Shower Lotion Bars

A Shower Lotion Bar is not soap. It is a nourishing, after-shower lotion moisturizer made with skin-nourishing organic plant butters combined in a unique formula that is solid at room temperature but easily melts on your warm wet skin.

How do you use a shower lotion bar? Rub the shower lotion on your skin after soaping and rinsing, while you are still in the shower. Your warm wet skin melts a small amount of the natural plant oils. Skin will feel soft and silky. Rinse a bit or just pat dry. Pay special attention to extra dry skin places. Great for the bath or shower.


More About Shower Lotion Bars:

Why should you use a shower lotion bar?

Super rich and moisturizing natural butters target ultra dry skin, and penetrate deeply, creating a protective barrier. Soothing for dry, sensitive or itchy skin leaving it moisturized, revitalized and healthy.

What can you use a shower lotion bar for?

Our natural, moisturizing Shower bars are very versatile:

As a lotion bar, rub the nourishing oils and butters onto dry skin areas.

For a hair treat, rub some butter on your hands and run your buttered fingers through the length of your hair!

For a bath treat, cut a sliver off the bar, drop into your tub and watch as it melts away releasing skin loving ingredients.

Exfoliate & Moisturize: Rub the shower butter bar onto a wet buffing pad. As you gently massage the warm damp skin, nourishing butters penetrate deeply. Great for extra dry, cracked skin. Rinse and pat dry.

We have 5 luscious formulations, naturally scented Cocoa Shea and 4 aromatherapy multi-butter blends.

For more information read "What Is A Shower Body Butter Lotion Bar and How to Use Them"

Please visit our Product Knowledge Base for tips to help choose Natural Organic Body Moisturizers.

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