What Are Dilution Rates?

Applying essential oils topically (on the skin) without dilution is a highly debated subject. Not only are essential oils much more potent than the botanicals from which they are extracted, but some are much more "potent" than others

Due to their high concentration, the general consensus among certified aromatherapists is that you should not apply undiluted essential oils onto the skin except under the supervision of a professional.

For most body care formulations, it is recommended that essential oils make up no more than 2% of your total end product weight or volume.

When deciding the proper dilution for a single essential oil, an essential oil blend, or any product containing essential oils there are a few main factors that need to be considered.

  • Which essential oil or oils are being used?
  • How is the final product being used?
  • Where is the final product being used?

Unfortunately, the information about proper dilution rate is often ambiguous and contradictory.

To learn how to dilute essential oils for topical use, please read our blog, "Essential Oil Basics: A Guide to Dilution Rates" in which I discuss the following topics:

  • What does the term "neat" mean?
  • Factors to consider when diluting essential oils
  • How to calculate essential oil dilution rates
  • How to use an essential oil dilution chart
  • Why all dilution charts do not provide the same dilution rates

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