Why isn't the USDA Organic or OEFFA Organic Logo On This Product?

Organic certification is based on organic farming and agriculture standards, as a result the list of allowable non-agricultural ingredients (like clay, salt, mud, etc) is based on raw materials used in agriculture or food production not personal care products.

Since clays like kaolin and bentonite have farming/agricultural uses, they appear on the list. Unfortunately, ingredients like Pumice, Dead Sea Mud and Bamboo Charcoal are not used in farming or food production and thus do not appear on the list.

Products that use these ingredients like our Clay Facial Masks, and Bamboo Charcoal, Loofah Pumice Foot, and Dead Sea Mud soaps, as well as our Mud & Clay and Rosemary Mint Charcoal Shampoo Bars cannot display any organic symbol or even state that they are organic.

Since we are a certified organic company, we are not allowed to use any certified organic label or call any products that contain these ingredients "organic," even though they are made with certified organic ingredients that meet the same rigorous standards as those required for our "Organic" products.

Even though we can't label these products organic, if you read the ingredient list you will see that we still use USDA Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible.

For more detailed information, please read our blog, "What Do All of the Organic Labels Mean?"

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