What is a Beer Hair Rinse?

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Beer Hair Rinse Recipes


Beer Hair Rinse Barley and Hops loaded with protein help damaged hair Using beer on your hair was a craze when I was a teenager. But there really is value to a beer hair rinse. The next time you have trouble finishing a bottle of beer, keep the leftovers for use as a hair tonic.

Why is beer good for your hair?

Beer can add strength and shine to dull, limp hair. The malt and hops in beer are loaded with protein, which nourishes and strengthens hair and can help rebuild and repair damaged hair.

The protein binds to hair that is dehydrated, damaged, or dry from blow-drying, styling, or harsh weather, and helps restore body and bounce. As the protein binds to the cuticle, the hair will appear smoother. This smooth surface reflects light better which will add to luster and shine.

Beer hops, which are natural astringents, as well as the brewer's yeast can help balance hair oil production.

Using a beer hair rinse can also make your hair shinier. As the proteins bind with hair cuticles, the smoother surface will reflect light better, making hair look shinier. Beer also contains B vitamins, which can help make hair strands shiny.

Many people experience fuller, thicker hair after using a beer rinse. If you have fine, thin hair, beer can help increase volume. The alcohol in beer acts as a cleansing agent and also has a softening effect.

For some, the alcohol in a beer rinse can be too drying to use every day. Using it once or twice a month works as well as a clarifying shampoo when it comes to removing buildup from hair products.

A beer rinse can give extra life to naturally curly hair that straightens at the end of the day or even permed hair that is just about ready for a new perm!

The natural ingredients in beer tighten the hair cuticle and give hair a beautiful shine. You can also use beer as a leave-in conditioner.


Simple Beer Hair Rinse Recipe

It is important to use only FLAT beer, otherwise the bubbly carbon dioxide can combined with water can create hard water (water with high mineral content). When beer becomes flat it releases its carbon dioxide.

  1. Pour a can or bottle of beer (about 8 oz) into a bowl and allow it to sit until it is flat. Don't want to waste your beer, collect unfinished beer in refrigerator. It can even be frozen. It is best to choose a beer that does not have a strong odor.

  2. Shampoo and rinse hair as usual but do not use conditioner--that is where the beer comes in!

  3. Pour the flat beer onto your hair and slowly massage it into the roots and hair length for about one minute. Don't worry if beer runs down your face, brewer’s yeast helps reduce sebum production and control oily skin on your face and scalp.

  4. For best results, allow the mixture soak for about 5 minutes while you continue with your shower.

  5. Rinse with lukewarm, not hot, water, or leave a bit of it in your hair, and the effect will be even better.

Natural Organic Apple Cider Vinegar ACV Hair Rinse Lemongrass & Tea TreeHow often you use a beer rinse depends on your hair type. Listen to YOUR hair. I would suggest only once or twice a week, since the alcohol may cause dryness.

If you have very oily hair you may be able to use a beer rinse more often.


Get Creative and Add a Little Something Special to Your Beer Rinse

To enhance your beer conditioner, get creative and add some other hair-friendly ingredients to the flat beer.

Natural ingredients like honey, apple cider vinegar, organic herbs, hair-friendly oils or essential oils can help enhance the conditioning properties of beer as well as allow you to tailor a rinse just for you.


Cider Vinegar and Beer Hair Rinse

Apple Cider Vinegar and beer work together to tighten the cuticle. With a smooth cuticle, the hair will reflect the light rather than absorb it, providing lovely luster!

Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the flat beer and apply as described above.

Try using our Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses in this recipe!


Jojoba Oil and Beer Hair Conditioner

Natural Organic Jojoba Hair OilWhisk in 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil* to the flat beer and apply as described above.

Jojoba oil is non-greasy, moisturizes the scalp, adds nutrients, and adds shine to your hair while beer adds body.

*For dry hair try some almond oil which moisturizes and soothes the scalp. Or use any oil that your hair likes!

Try using our Jojoba Grapeseed Hair Oil in this recipe!


Adding Essential Oils

Essential oils will not dissolve in beer since it is water-based liquid. But you can easily add essential oils into the "Jojoba Oil + Beer" recipe above. Simply mix in a few drops of your favorite essential oil or blend into the oil before adding it to the beer.

For more information read our blog Essential Oils Used In Hair Care.


Rinsing hair is not the only thing that you can do with beer. You can also use beer as a leave-in conditioner. For a leave-in conditioner, mix equal parts of water and flat beer. Place the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray into your hair after shampooing.

Since the proteins in beer bind to the hair shaft and help create volume, this is a great conditioner for fine, thin hair, or limp hair. You can also use the cider vinegar rinse recipe above as a leave-in conditioner.


Beer Hair Styling Tonic

Beer is an excellent setting lotion. It makes hair look healthy and shiny, and gives blown-dried hair increased vitality, resilience, and hold.

Spray a little beer into your hair using a pump bottle after shampooing, just before you dry and style your hair.

You can store the beer for a week or two if you keep it in a sealed bottle in the refrigerator.

Recipes have been gathered from friends, family, customers, and other sources. We have not tried all of these recipes and provide them as fun and interesting alternatives to commercial products. We do not guarantee that they will work for you as they have worked for others.

Beer Natural Shampoo Bar

Natural Organic Honey Beer & Egg ShampooFor a special treat try Chagrin Valley's Honey Beer and Egg Shampoo.

Good For: Normal to Dry Hair, Body & Bounce

Beer and egg yolks create a mild, protein-rich natural shampoo with loads of rich, creamy, bubbly lather, that adds shine, bounce, and body to hair.

The well-known conditioning properties of beer and egg add to the cocoa butter to provide a moisturizing shampoo bar. This shampoo does not smell like beer! The honey and the hops give this bar a nice clean smell with a hint of sweetness.

  • The proteins from malt and hops condition hair and help repair damage
  • Vitamin B complex and natural sugars in beer add body and shine
  • Vitamin-rich eggs revitalize dull and dry hair and improve texture
  • Egg yolk works as a natural moisturizer and conditioner for dry hair
  • Organic cocoa butter provides moisture and deep nourishment
  • Organic honey imparts a lustrous shine to dull, dry hair

This natural shampoo does not smell like beer! The honey and the hops give this bar a nice clean smell with a hint of sweetness.



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