Chagrin Valley Soap on New Day Cleveland Show: Ida Talks About Itchy Winter Skin

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Skin Care For Itchy Winter Skin

Ida was on the New Day Cleveland show, on January 30, 2013, discussing natural products for Winter skin!

Winter itch is caused by excessively dry skin in the winter. Cool temperatures, dry heat and lower humidity drain moisture causing dry, flaky and itchy skin. For those with normally dry or sensitive skin, it will often worsen during the winter months.

Keeping skin well hydrated and replacing natural oils with our body moisturizers can help. The best time to moisturize is after showering or bathing, while skin is still damp, to help lock in moisture.

Watch the short video below!

For more information about itchy winter skin read our blog, "8 Natural Tips To Help Eliminate Dry Winter Skin"

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