Organic Applesauce

Organic Apples

Our Applesauce is made from nothing but organic apples. Apples have been used as a beauty aid for decades. They are full of moisture which helps hydrate the skin.

Apples contain vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants that may protect the skin against free radicals. Their anti-inflammatory properties may help soothe sensitive or irritated skin.

Apples contain malic acid, a gentle, mild exfoliant. Exfoliants help release dead skin cells that can leave your complexion looking dull and lifeless. Products with apple extract help break up the bonds between skin cells to promote cell turnover. Improved cell turnover reveals healthy, bright skin and can prevent clogged pores.

Apples are loaded with pectin, a soluble fiber that helps tighten pores, and fruit acids that help purify and promote cell renewal. The astringent properties make them helpful acne fighters and skin toners. To treat puffy eyes, try placing two thin apple slices under your eyes to help decrease the swelling, fade dark circles, and tighten the skin.

The old saying, "an Apple a day, keeps the doctor away," comes from an old English adage, "To eat an apple before going to bed, will make the doctor beg his bread."

Note About Apeel: "Apeel" is a waxy post-harvest fungicide coating used on avocados, citrus fruits, apples, cucumbers, as well as other fruits and vegetables to increase the shelf-life. Our supplier has assured us that the apples we purchase are not coated with Apeel or any other product.

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