Organic Coconut Oil Fractionated

Organic Coconut Oil Fractionated

Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, a highly refined oil made from regular or virgin coconut oil, is a colorless oil that readily absorbs into the skin. Unlike coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil is liquid at room temperature.

It is a very light emollient, rich in hydrating properties, and helps to soothe and soften skin. Since it moisturizes without adding a greasy feeling or clogging pores, it is excellent for dry or troubled skin. It is very popular in topical skincare products.


What is the difference between Virgin and Fractionated Coconut Oil?”

Virgin Coconut Oil is an unrefined, solid oil made up of different types of fatty acids, mostly medium-chain (like capric and lauric) and some long-chain fatty acids (like oleic and linoleic). The characteristic aroma, texture, and feel of this solid oil are due to its fatty acid content.

Fractionated Coconut Oil, a refined liquid oil, is basically coconut oil without many of its original fatty acids.

In order to produce liquid coconut oil from the solid virgin coconut, some of the fatty acids, particularly those that solidify more quickly are removed through a process called fractionation.

Longer chain fatty acids remain solid at lower temperatures because they have a higher melting point. Thus, when solid coconut oil is heated above its melting point and then allowed to cool slowly, the longer-chain fatty acid “fraction” of the coconut oil will return to a solid more quickly. This solid fraction is then removed, while the liquid oil remains.

During the refining process, the long-chain fatty acids and the lauric acid are removed. Lauric acid which makes up about 50% of coconut oil contains significant antimicrobial properties. Once these fatty acids are removed, what is left is a liquid oil with a lower melting point, and no coconut flavor or smell.

Fractionated coconut oil is also marketed as MCT oil.

Although we do NOT use Fractionated Coconut Oil, it is included in our ingredient section because we receive so many questions about it.

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