Organic Apple Juice

Organic Raw Apple Juice

Apple Juice helps with skin problems like dermatitis and psoriasis. A cup of apple juice added to your bath will cleanse and soften your skin. It also works wonders as a conditioner for the scalp and hair.

Pure apple juice is a great natural skin toner. It tightens the skin, cleanses and tightens enlarged pores, and improves blood flow. When applied topically, apple juice helps to balance sebum production, which can help prevent a greasy complexion.

It also helps with dandruff and itchy scalp and makes hair shiny, silky, and manageable. It contains natural malic acid and amylase (a natural exfoliator), both of which help to slough away dead skin, and dandruff flakes, leaving the hair and scalp fresh and clean. A final rinse with apple juice after shampooing brings about an added shine.

We use organic, cold-pressed, unfiltered apple juice. The only ingredient is apples!

Note About Apeel: "Apeel" is a waxy post-harvest fungicide coating used on avocados, citrus fruits, apples, cucumbers, as well as other fruits and vegetables to increase the shelf-life. Our supplier has assured us that the apples used to make their Organic Apple Juice are not coated with Apeel or any other product.

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