Organic Basil Essential Oil

Organic Basil Essential Oil

Sweet Basil, Ocimum basilicum, has a warm, spicy, herbal aroma with an anise-like scent. The essential oil is steam-distilled from the leaves and flowers of the herb. Basil is antimicrobial, shares many skincare uses with rosemary essential oil, and its antiseptic properties have been valued in Far Eastern medicine for thousands of years.

Extremely effective in treating skin disorders, basil enlivens dull-looking skin, improves skin tone, and brightens the complexion. It is often used to balance oil production, calm acne breakouts, alleviate dryness, and soothe irritated skin conditions.

In hair care, basil cleanses and refreshes, adds luster to dull hair, strengthens hair strands, and helps tame tangles. It promotes scalp circulation, regulates oil production, and encourages healthy hair growth to help reduce or slow the rate of hair loss. Basil hydrates and cleanses the scalp which helps remove dead skin, dirt, environmental pollutants, and bacteria. It helps soothe itchy and irritated scalp conditions like dandruff. Its cleansing and clarifying properties promote the look and feel of soft, lustrous hair.


Aromatherapy Properties: Basil is the perfect choice for your diffuser if you are feeling mentally fatigued. The scent is fresh, uplifting, warm, spicy, and herbaceous. The energizing aromatic scent soothes headaches, invigorates the body and spirit, refreshes the mind, and eases depression. It helps promote concentration and sharpens the senses especially when tired after a stressful day. In addition, basil essential oil may help promote calm breathing and soothe muscle aches.


Pregnancy & Children: We do not provide information on the safety of essential oils during Pregnancy or for use in Children because the available information is very ambiguous and often contradictory. If you’re interested in using essential oils during pregnancy or with young children please do your own research and consult your doctor, midwife, or health care professional before use.

Precautions: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, have a medical condition, or have any medical concerns regarding yourself or your family consult a qualified, licensed health professional prior to use. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children.


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