Organic Thyme Essential Oil

Organic Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme essential oil, Thymus vulgaris, is steam-distilled from the flowering tops of the herb. The first distillation produces an oil with a reddish-brown color called "red thyme" essential oil. If the oil is distilled a second time a pale yellow "white thyme" oil is produced. White Thyme, which is less concentrated and less potent than red thyme, is also much less irritating and is the preferred oil especially, for aromatherapy.

Thyme oil is well-known for its antiseptic properties and is useful against a variety of bacterial and viral infections. It has anti-microbial properties and was used during WWI to help prevent infection in wounded soldiers. Thyme, one of the oldest medicinal herbs, has been recognized since antiquity for its cleansing, mildly astringent, healing, and soothing effects on the skin. A poultice can be made from the leaves to combat all forms of inflammation and infection. Thyme has a mild, fresh, and clean herbal scent making it a nice component of a natural deodorant.

Thyme essential oil promotes healing and is commonly used topically to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. It is known for its cleansing, mildly astringent, healing, and soothing effects on the skin. The antiseptic properties of thyme essential oil help speed up the healing of minor cuts, scrapes, bites, rashes, and burns, and reduce the chances of infection. If you have oily or blemished skin, try adding a natural product containing thyme to your skincare regimen.

Diluted in a massage oil the antispasmodic properties of thyme essential oil help to ease pain associated with spasms that cause muscle cramps. The stimulating properties of thyme essential oil help increase circulation throughout the body, which helps relax muscles.

In hair care, thyme essential oil improves blood circulation to the scalp, which helps promote hair growth and reduces the appearance of thinning hair. The antibacterial properties help clean the scalp and help reduce the bacteria that cause dandruff.


Aromatherapy Properties: White thyme essential oil is centering, strengthening, and calming to the mind, body, and spirit. It helps relieve feelings of stress and anxiety, relaxing the mind, and promoting feelings of inner peace. Thyme is also a mental stimulant, which can help improve focus and fight fatigue. To ease the mind and promote a sense of calm, diffuse thyme essential oil throughout the home.

During cold and flu season diffusing a few drops of thyme essential oil can help reduce phlegm, fight the bacteria and viruses causing the symptoms, and relax muscles to help reduce spasms that lead to coughing. A bit of thyme oil in a diffuser or room spray can help cleanse and refresh the air in your home.


Pregnancy and Children: We do not provide information on the safety of essential oils during Pregnancy or for use in Children because the available information is very ambiguous and often contradictory. If you’re interested in using essential oils during pregnancy or with young children please do your own research and consult your doctor, midwife, or health care professional before use.

Precautions: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, have a medical condition, or have any medical concerns regarding yourself or your family consult a qualified, licensed health professional prior to use. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children.

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