Natural Sheesham Wood Shaving Bowl Natural Hand turned Sheesham Wood Shaving Bowl Natural Handmade  Sheesham Wood Shaving Bowl

Wood Shaving Bowl

A natural, handmade wooden shave soap bowl made from sustainable Indian Rosewood, a must for any wet shaver who uses shaving soap and brush. 


Product Description

A timeless, natural, handmade wooden shave soap bowl with a lid made from Sheesham (also known as Indian Rosewood), a fast-growing hardwood tree native to India. Our Sheesham is sourced from sustainable plantations in India.

The wood is praised for its rich, irregular multitone grain and natural sheen. The dark heartwood and the lighter sapwood gives the wood grain its beautiful rich contrast and distinctive appearance-- the result is that no two bowls will look alike. 

This environmentally-friendly soap bowl is a must for any wet shaver who uses shaving soap and brush. 

  • The bowl comes in a linen drawstring pouch--making a great gift
  • The bowls are made to fit our shaving soaps which are about 2 3/8 inch in diameter
    • the total bowl diameter is about 3 3/4 inches 
    • the height is about 1 3/4 inches
    • the inside diameter is about 3 inches

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How to Use


This wood will retain its natural beauty for a long time if treated properly.

After you have used up a shaving soap, clean the bowl before adding in a new shaving soap puck. 

Handwash only. Wipe clean with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly after cleaning.

If bowl begins to look dry or worn, rub with a small amount of food quality (FDA approved) mineral oil. Unfortunately, vegetable oils will go rancid after a period of time and can become gummy which may create an environment in which bacteria can multiply. 

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