Accessory: Pumps and Sprayers

Treatment Pumps and Sprayers fit our aluminum and some of our glass bottles to add extra dispensing methods for our oils.

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Product Overview

We are now offering our Treatment Pumps and Sprayers as a separate accessory so that you can choose the best dispensing method for the way in which you use our oils.

  • TREATMENT PUMP: Our metal tipped treatment pump offers the most controlled output for dispensing our oils. One squirt produces a small dollop of oil. 
  • SPRAYER: Our black sprayer would produce a fine mist if used with water. However, due to the viscosity of oil, it produces a fine stream. There is more oil with each squirt than with the treatment pump. 
  • A plastic dust cap comes with every treatment pump and sprayer.

Bottles not included

Please Note:

  • The pump and the sprayer fit our 4 ounce glass, 4 ounce aluminum and 2 ounce aluminum bottles.
  • They do NOT fit the one ounce glass face oil or beard oil bottles or the 2 oz glass hair oil bottles.

As noted on the product pages:

  • Don’t Bug Me Spray bottles are already sold with a sprayer
  • Intimate Oil bottles and 2 ounce Baby Oil are already sold with a treatment pump

Effective, Feel Good Ingredients

The goal is simple: to Harness the Power & Simplicity of Nature® to cleanse, soothe, heal, and protect your skin and hair!

Our unique formulas rely on moisturizing oils and butters, healing botanicals, and pure essential oils. We choose every ingredient with one end-result in mind….the BEST possible natural skin care for YOU!

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