Apparel: Ribbed Beanie

Cooler temperatures become more bearable with this super soft classic beanie. Our embroidered undyed, carbon free beanie hat is made from 100% recycled material that holds its shape without being too tight, so it stays comfortably on your head.

Please note: We do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges on any apparel.

Product Overview

Super comfortable, soft, and warm to keep your ears toasty even on cold days, this classic cuffed beanie is made with the planet in mind.

Our beanie is a blend of sustainability, style, and comfort. Made of 60% recycled cotton and 40% recycled polyester it uses reclaimed materials that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

Our logo is embroidered on the ribbed cuff, so show the love for Chagrin Valley and add this classic beanie hat to your winter accessory collection. 

Item Description

  • Stretchy knit forms to your head
  • Soft, cozy material does not itch
  • Classic style 1x1 rib knit beanie
  • 2.75 inch ribbed cuff sports the Chagrin Valley logo embroidered in white
  • Certified carbon-free

Size: One Size fits most. Beanie width is about 9.25 inches (measured side to side of opening, uncuffed)

Color: Black with our logo in white on the cuff

What is Recycled Cotton?

Pre-consumer cotton scraps and/or post-consumer cotton apparel are grouped into like colors, mechanically shredded into fibers and then spun into yarn. Recycled cotton fibers are weaker than those of virgin cotton so they are usually blended with other fibers such as polyester. Since the cotton was sorted by color, it allows new apparel to be made without any dye. Recycled cotton extends the lifespan of already existing fibers, helps prevent tons of textile waste from going to landfills, and reduces the environmental impact of textile production. 

What is Post Consumer-Recycled Polyester?

One of the world's biggest problems is single use plastics, like bottles. An estimated 60 million plastic bottles are thrown out every day. rPET is PET plastic (usually water bottles) that has been "recycled," reprocessed, and made into something new like activewear or outdoor gear and even shoes. Using post-consumer recycled polyester decreases the amount of plastic waste in the environment. Two pounds of collected waste, like ocean plastic, can be made into two pounds of recycled material. Since rPET cannot be recycled again it is not part of a truly circular economy. However, choosing rPET helps support plastic recycling efforts, saves energy, resources, and breathes new life into single use materials as it rescues these plastics from landfills where they can take thousands of years to break down.

Why We Chose This Brand

This beanie is registered as a Certified Carbonfree Product which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change by supporting reforestation, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, and supports the Carbonfund mission of climate change education, carbon offsets, and outreach.

It is also accredited by the FLA (Fair Labor Association) which sets strong benchmarks through its Global Operating Principals, partners with Better Buying. The factory is vetted based on ILO (International Labor Organization) standards and is a member of the SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition).

The production process infuses each beanie with unique character. Please allow for some color variation. 

How To Use

Apparel Care:

  • Hand wash cold with like colors 
  • No bleach
  • Dry flat
  • Do not iron

Effective, Feel Good Ingredients

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Our unique formulas rely on moisturizing oils and butters, healing botanicals, and pure essential oils. We choose every ingredient with one end-result in mind….the BEST possible natural skin care for YOU!

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