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Warm Body Lotion Candles


If you have not used a massage oil candle before, then you are in for a real treat! Though they look like traditional candles, they are actually a solid body oil blended with essential oils. 

Our natural Body Lotion Spa Candles provide a unique opportunity to enjoy a warm moisturizing body balm, a warming massage oil, and enchanting aromatherapy all in one.

To enjoy our hand-poured Lotion Candles, simply light the candle and watch as it melts into a rich, warm, emollient pool of body lotion packed with nourishing butters and botanical oils. During this time the scent of the pure essential oils will begin to fill the air.

Once lit, the oils melt at a warm temperature that can be poured directly into your hand and massaged into the skin. Our candles are a wonderful intensive treatment for dry skin. Your skin will feel more soft, smooth and supple within minutes.

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