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Whipped Squalane - Facial Cream Natural-Organic-Face-Cream-Whipped-Squalane Natural-Organic-Face-Cream-Whipped-Squalane Natural-Organic-Face-Cream-Whipped-Squalane Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve - Whipped Squalane - Face and Eye Cream 1 FL OZ Jar - Hydrate and rejuvenate delicate eye area and facial skin.

Whipped Squalane Face & Eye Cream

Hydrate and rejuvenate delicate eye area and facial skin. A lightweight moisturizing eye cream, designed for sensitive facial skin, that penetrates easily without a greasy feeling.


Product Description

Recommended for All Skin Types

Shea Olein and Olive Squalane are whipped and whipped to create this silky delicate natural face and eye cream.

One of the first areas to show signs of aging is the thin skin surrounding the eyes. This delicate skin, with fewer sebaceous glands than skin elsewhere on your face, needs special moisturizing. Human skin naturally produces lubricating squalene, but production decreases as we age. 

  • Squalane and Shea Olein, often found in anti-aging products, promote cell growth
  • Moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes
  • Great for facial skin irritations and dryness
  • A touch of organic lavender balances skin oils 
  • Our whipped butters are a preservative-free product, always use clean, dry hands to remove butter from the jar
  • Try a bamboo spoon  to scoop out our natural butters

Using a wholesome face cream is essential for every skin type and for every age. Face creams protect the skin from dehydration and maintain a healthy-looking complexion. A quality face cream can:

  • nourish the skin
  • moisturize the skin
  • slow down the natural moisture loss
  • keep the skin smooth and supple
  • protect the skin from environmental conditions
  • create a base for the makeup application 

How to Use

Directions: This rich cream is very concentrated. A little goes a very long way.

Always apply face cream to warm and damp (not wet) skin. Creams are better able to lock in moisture when the pores are open after a warm wash. So, after a gentle warm wash just, gently pat your skin.

  • Eye Cream: Place a few dabs around the eye and allow it to melt a bit. Using very gentle pressure massage into the skin. Never tug or pull this delicate skin! For best results apply to the eye area every morning and evening.
  • Face Cream: Apply small dots all over your face. This way you will be able to apply the cream evenly on every part of your face. Gently massage up and out to give your face a lift.


Remember, the skin is the body's largest organ
and it needs to breathe as part of its
important role in maintaining overall health!


Well, first of all, it's an all-natural product. Commercial lotions are NOT. Our Whipped Shea Butters only contain the ingredients that they need. Creams and lotions created in a lab often clog pores, aggravate acne, trigger allergic reactions, and make skin feels heavy and greasy. 

The organic oils and butters we use do NOT contain petroleum based chemicals (Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Paraffin), chemical emulsifiers (DEA, MEA, TEA), chemical preservatives (Parabens, Urea),  Propylene Glycol, artificial colors, or synthetic fragrances. 

No Preservatives

Lotions have a very high water content. Once water is added to make a lotion, it is almost impossible to create an all natural product and still keep the bacteria and mold out. 

No Alcohol or Petroleum Ingredients

Natural Organic Skin Care No PreservativesHave you ever noticed that when you use your body lotion your skin never stays moist and you find yourself going back to the lotion bottle over and over? 

Look at the ingredients. Often times water is the main ingredient. Commercial lotions often contain isopropyl alcohol and/or mineral oil. Both of these actually are very drying to your skin. The alcohol gives a temporary sense of coolness due to evaporation.

Mineral oil is found in lotions, soaps, baby oil, cosmetics, and motor oil. Mineral oil is a clear, liquid oil with no scent and will not spoil. It is very inexpensive because it is produced as a byproduct of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil. It is great for oiling your wooden cutting boards--but not your skin. Mineral oil does not penetrate to soften.  It is difficult to absorb, coats your skin and clogs the pores. If you would like to have healthy skin, stay away from mineral oils, animal fat, petroleum, and synthetic oil based skincare. 

No Propylene Glycol

Commercial creams and lotion often contain propylene glycol, which acts as a “humectant, preservative or stabilizer. Commercial skin-care products are stored and shipped and must have a very long shelf-life. Propylene glycol helps the fragrance, consistency and product appearance to remain attractive throughout its long life. 

While the FDA has categorized propylene glycol as "Generally Recognized as Safe," and some say that 

Your Natural Cream Has So Many Uses

We know that natural body butters make great moisturizing body creams. But here are some other ways we have used these balms and butters:

  • Get rid of those cracked heels 
  • Gently massage into very dry areas on your face
  • Soothe and smooth skin after shaving
  • Add a dollop to your hot bath water instead of using synthetic bath oils
  • Massage some into your cuticles to soften them
  • Massage into your lips for a great all natural lip balm


An Unofficial Label 

Natural Organic Skin CareAlthough not official labels, we use the label on the left on our website and the label on the right on our packaging. We use them for several products, like the Dead Sea Black Clay, All Natural Skin CareBamboo Charcoal, and Loofah Pumice Foot Soaps and our Mud & Clay and Rosemary Mint Charcoal Shampoo Bars. We also use these labels on our Clay Facial Masks and our Whipped Squalane and Butter Me Up Body Balm.

Although these products are made with organic ingredients, they do not fit the criteria for the USDA Certified Organic Label. 

The USDA Organic standard states that a product must be made of 95-100% organic ingredients in order to bear the USDA Certified Organic seal.

The remaining 5% can only be nonagricultural ingredients that are on the NOP (National Organic Products) list. Since this list was devised solely for the food industry, there are non-agricultural ingredients like Dead Sea Mud, Pumice and numerous Clays, etc. that do not appear on this list. 

Ingredients like "Olive Squalane," "Bamboo Charcoal," "Illipe and Kokum Butters" are considered "agricultural" ingredients. Since they are not available certified organic we cannot use any USDA symbols on the products. 

Even though we can't label these products organic, if you read the ingredient list you will see that we still use USDA Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible.

For more detailed information, please read our blog, "What Do All of the Organic Labels Mean?" 

All of Chagrin Valley's natural soap, shampoo bars, and personal care products are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny.

The Leaping Bunny Program was developed in 1996, by The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC), to identify and support companies that are doing their part to help eliminate the unnecessary use and mistreatment of animals to test cosmetic products and ingredients. The CCIC is made up of eight animal protection groups including the Humane Society of the U.S., as well as groups from Canada and Europe.

At Chagrin Valley we obviously do not test our finished products on animals (other than human volunteers), but what about the raw materials, the ingredients we use? Many products display labels claiming that their finished product is ‘not tested on animals’ but this does not guarantee that the product ingredients are actually free from animal testing.

The CCIC Standard is a pledge that a company makes to remove animal testing from all stages of product development. Our pledge to buy ingredieCruelty Free Natural Skin Carents that are cruelty-free is integrated into the purchase order contract for all of our suppliers.

Personal care products displaying the “real” Leaping Bunny logo are certified ‘cruelty-free' using the internationally recognized Humane Cosmetics Standards. These rigorous standards require that no animal testing is performed or authorized for finished products or ingredients in any stage of product development by the company, its laboratories or its suppliers after a fixed cut-off date. All Leaping Bunny companies are subject to independent audits and pledge commitments are renewed on an annual basis.

At Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve . . .Cruelty-Free Natural Skin Care

  • we do NOT test our products on animals
  • we do NOT use ingredients tested on animals
  • we do NOT sell into markets that require animal testing

The Leaping Bunny Program provides
the best assurance to consumers
that they are making compassionate shopping choices
by purchasing Cruelty-Free skin care!

All of our products are made with simple, natural, and organic ingredients, and are never tested on animals.

However, not all of our products are vegan because some are made with goat milk, yogurt, honey, eggs, or beeswax. 

Leaping Bunny Certified Skin care


Our products are never tested on animals (except our human volunteers). We are certified Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny!

Our soaps and body care products contain no animal fats; we use a vegan base of natural plant oils and butters.


At Chagrin Valley Soap, we provide a full list of ingredients for each of our products. In this way, you can make an informed choice about a product that is right for your lifestyle.


Look for the symbol (shown on the right) on our packaging and on Vegan Natural Skin Carethe product pages of our website to indicate vegan products. 

Please check out this page for a list of our vegan products. 

Natural Organic Face and Eye Cream

We hand blend all of our own products in small batches to ensure freshness, consistency, and perfection.

Our products are not made to sit on store shelves for years and years.

Although there are natural preservatives within the chemical structure of natural ingredients, they are nowhere near as potent as the synthetic preservatives used in commercial products to prolong shelf-life. 

Other than soap, our products are remade every few weeks and none are very old when they are sold. Our products, other than soap, should be opened within 6 months of purchase. 

Since we use no preservatives or chemical stabilizers, the more important question is, "how long will the product last once it has been opened? 

Once opened, skin care products become exposed to dirt and microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, and molds) that are found in the air and on the skin.

As soon as you open and begin to use any product, simply the way in which you use it will affect its lifespan.

Natural Organic Skin CareSo, we are beginning to use the PAO (period-after-opening) symbol. These symbols are already available on the product pages of our website and we are in the process of adding them to all of our labels.

The POA symbol is a standard symbol that identifies the useful lifetime of a skin care product after it has been opened for the first time.

As you can see from the picture on the left, the symbol is an open jar with a written number and the letter "M" for the word "months."

A product with a "6M" would mean that it is good for 6 months after opening. 

Tip: write the date you open a product for the first time on its label so you can keep track of the period after opening. 

This POA number represents our best suggestion. There are many factors that can affect the lifespan of a product.  If a product is discolored, has an unpleasant smell or looks odd, the product should not be used and should be discarded.

  • Each time you place your warm fingers into a tin or jar, you melt some of the butter which can change the consistency of the product.
  • Fingers also introduce bacteria and other contaminants into the product.
  • If a product has not been stored properly, for example, if the lid has been left off for long periods of time, the product may ‘go off’ before the period after opening has passed.
  • As scented products age, some of the natural essential oil scent may be lost. Pure essential oils just do not have the staying power of synthetic fragrance oils.
  • Over time, natural colors may also fade.

If you’re like me, and you find an old dusty product hiding in a drawer, makeup bag, or even a suitcase from your last trip, you can call us with the lot number and we can verify its age. Obviously, if it seems off in any way, toss it!

Please note: This PAO symbol is widely used in Europe to recommend the length of time a product remains usable after opening, for products that have a shelf-life of at least 30 months. Our products do NOT have a shelf-life of 30 months before opening. 

We do not use synthetic stabilizers or waxes, so our delicate natural products packaged in glass jars and metal tins are sensitive to temperature changes. 

While shipping during warm weather seasons presents a real challenge to our natural skin care company, we accept the challenge in order to maintain our standard of natural and nourishing skin care. We hope you agree. 

Natural Skin CareDuring warm weather, products may soften or even melt as they sit in warm mail trucks, mailboxes, or on front porches.

The quality and healing properties of our products are not affected by melting.

On sunny or warm days, BEFORE opening the jars or tins, place the items in your refrigerator for a few hours to allow them to harden, just in case they have melted in transit. If you open items, especially those in tins, to check if melting has occurred, they may spill and make a mess!


What To Do About Melting

Cream Deodorants: If you think that your balm-like deodorant is melted or runny, BEFORE opening the jar, pop it in the freezer for 10 - 15 minutes. As it begins to harden give it a stir (so that the solids do not sink to the bottom) and place it back in the freezer until firm! 

Sometimes a cream deodorant can melt during warm transit and then slowly resolidify before you receive it. This melting and slow cooling can result in a grainy feeling. If your deodorant feels grainy, simply melt it, mix thoroughly, and place it in the refrigerator until solid.

Since the stick deodorant are made with more beeswax, they are less sensitive to an increase in outside temperature

Natural Organic Whipped Body Butter Dry Skin


Whipped Body Butters: Place a melted body butter in the refrigerator until firm.

Our hand-whipped process adds tiny air bubbles that increase the volume, just like whipping cream. If a whipped product melts, the air bubbles collapse and the volume is decreased.

So, although the jar was filled to the top initially, there will be less volume in the container (since it has deflated) and the container may actually look half full.

After cooling a melted Whipped Butter will be the consistency of our body balm and is still a great moisturizer.


If a Sugar Scrub melts, the oil may separate out a bit. Give it a good mix and place it in the refrigerator for about 10 to 15 minutes. As it begins to harden up give it another stir to disperse the sugars and place it back in the refrigerator. Once it's solidified and mixed it will be great to use! Again because it is a whipped product, the container may have less volume when the whipped butters melt.


Read more about what to do when "Natural Skin Care Products Melt In Hot Weather."

NO! Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve
does not use raw materials that contain
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). 


Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve is a USDA Certified Organic company.

We are required to submit documentation that ALL of our ingredients, even our "non-organic ingredients," were produced without the use GMOs.

Since the U.S. National Organics Program forbids the use of genetic modification in products to be certified as organic, purchasing organic is a great way to lower your exposure to GMO’s.

Genetically Modified Organisms refers to any animal, plant or microorganism that has been changed in a lab at the gene level. It is also known as “genetic engineering."

Read more about "Non-GMO Skin Care Ingredients"

Product Reviews


I just can't say enough about your squalene face cream. My skin has been changing over the years and I would now call it normal to dry and a bit more sensitive. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying different moisturizers and found that most were either so heavy that I broke out in my normal skin areas or so light that my drier skin felt rough and tight. This squalene moisturizer is excellent. The texture melts into my skin for the perfect level of moisturizing and I only have to use a little bit to be effective. I can cover my whole face with one fingertip of cream and that little jar lasts for months. At first I thought it was a bit greasy until I realized that I was using too much. After a mere 6 months my skin looks and feels like it did 10 years ago. I have now thrown away my stash of partially used face creams because I have found the ONE! My face thanks you and so does my wallet! Nancy, Alabama

My mother and I both use this and we love it for around the eyes. I take half a pea-size amount and melt it between my two ring fingers. Then I gently dab it all around my eye area. It keeps my eye area nourished and I think it is a great wrinkle preventer for people in their twenties. My mom also loves it as well so I think it's safe to say it's an all around well loved eye cream. Kiana, Canada

I am a skeptic and pretty set in my ways. I have very sensitive skin and most creams irritate my face and eyes. Last month I was shopping with a friend and went to but my usual eye cream. She saw the price (almost 40 bucks for a half ounce) and went into a sales pitch about your eye mousee. I was quite embarrassed and left the counter deciding I would come back another day without Janet. That night I checked out your website and figured that for 10 bucks for a bigger jar what did I have to lose. It has been a month and I am a convert. I would honestly buy your Squalane cream even if cost 40 dollars for a half ounce it is that GOOD. My face and eye skin have never looked better and it is natural to boot. All I can say is WOW! Diana, Arizona

Just wanted to tell you that this product is a WINNER! I am in my 40s and have been spending over $50 the last few years buying little jars of anti-aging face creams. I have been using this squalane cream for the last 6 months and I now get compliments on my skin. I don't know how you guys do it but please don't stop. Katie, Pennsylvania

My favorite complexion bar is the Neem and Tea Tree! I have had oily and acne/blackhead prone skin since I was 16! I have tried everything chemical laden over the years to get rid of it! It is now that I am 33 that my skin is starting to heal with the use of this bar. I also use the adzuki micrograin facial scrub mixed with the butter cream to exfoliate twice a week with no irritation! My skin is so smooth! I also moisturize with the whipped squalane face and eye mousse. My skin has never looked better! I wish had taken a before and after because the dark circles that I had under my eyes from those late nights studying in college and the late nights of nursing my baby have faded away thanks to this little miracle in a jar. I hope you guys never stop making these products! I am going to keep ordering as long as I am able to. I am forever grateful for all you do! May God Bless! Amanda, Mississippi

I stumbled upon Chagrin Valley about a year or so ago by chance on a Google search for natural products. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am slowly but surely converting from my traditional, packaged products to your natural products. I even got my mom hooked on the shampoo bars! My testimonial is for the face & eye mousse in particular. I ordered that a few days ago and have been using it morning and night, and can't believe how awesome my skin is looking! I have been using the smallest possible amount and I'm getting results that moisturizers twice the price can't even deliver. The skin around my eyes is brighter, my dark circles have slightly improved, my face is so smooth and my skin is glowing. I have been on the search for years trying to find the perfect moisturizer to take care of my 20-something, combination skin and I have found it. Thank you!! :-) Lori, Virginia

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the All Natural Whipped Squalane Face & Eye Mousse. Since my teen years I have suffered painful and unsightly acne which as been persistent through prescription antibiotic and skin product dermatology treatments. I am now in my early thirties. Several years after taking Acutane, my acne began to return. I tried over the counter products which were very harsh and worsened the problem as well as products commercially available through television. My skin continued to be inflamed and I began to consistently have patches of acne and dry skin. Over the counter moisturizers used to address the inflammation and dryness only seemed to make the problem worse. A couple of days after placing my order, I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived only a few days later. That was just a little over a month ago. My skin is no longer inflamed and peeling and the acne has nearly healed. I am not experiencing any new break outs or irritation. So thank you for making these wonderful products available. Carolyn, Washington

Dear Ida and Chagrin Valley, My skin and my wallet can’t thank you enough. I've spent thousands of dollars over the years trying every “makes your skin younger looking” cosmetic. I am now in my late fourties and have fallen prey to every advertisement for youthful skin. No product ever did anything special until I found your company. For the last six months I have been using your face scrub and the squalane cream exclusively. My face looks fabulous. The skin is so soft and youthful and I even think it has helped with fine wrinkles. Here is my routine. I use the face scrub every morning in the shower. The sugar is so gentle and the idea of mixing it with soap is just extraordinary. After drying off I apply a very light amount of the squalane and let is soak in. My skin has a soft glow. I use a mineral powder and blush that actually stays on much longer probably from the squalane cream. No more foundation or concealers. My skin looks great without and feels so much cleaner all day and I feel better knowing that the products I am using do not contain all those chemicals. I just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated. Ruth, California

...Squalane is the only thing I've been able to use on my super-sensitive face without any kind of rash or breakout. I've even used it on burn marks - new and old - and it has faded them significantly. (My skin is very pale, so scars are usually visible and take quite a long time to fade...Lyndsey, New York

...the Squalane facial mousse!! This stuff is fabulous.. and I was pretty amazed at how much you get for five bucks and some change.. when I first picked it up it was REALLY light and I thought "man, this doesn't seem like very much" until I opened it and took out some of the mousse and felt how absolutely rich it was.. I've been using it for a few days not and haven't noticed any clogging on my acne-prone skin.. my skin actually feels great! Not dry, not too oily…just a normal level of moisture (which I love). Jennifer, Texas

Read more

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