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Organic Dark Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar, high in natural molasses, is a natural humectant. It absorbs moisture from your environment and deposits it into your skin. Hydrating and conditioning, brown sugar helps to keep the moisture locked in.

Brown sugar, which naturally exfoliates, and removes dead cells, is often used as scrub for exfoliating skin. It is a natural source of glycolic acid, a small size alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that can penetrate deep into the skin. Brown sugar exfoliates by loosening the bonds of dead cells from the outer skin so they can be washed away which promotes healthy skin cleansing, increased circulation and helps buff lackluster skin to a healthy, polished glow 

The gentle exfoliation encourages cell turnover, which can produce fresher, firmer skin. Brown sugar helps clean pores, removes impurities and also has anti-bacterial properties that can help prevent acne and pimples. 

Brown sugar is often used in facial scrubs because it is softer than granulated sugar and much gentler than salt.

All of our sugars are organic and vegan (bone-char free).

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