Natural Organic Shea Butter Lip Butter Balm Natural Organic Creamy Shea Butter Lip Butter Balm

Creamy Shea Butter

A buttery organic lip balm made with moisturizing Virgin Shea butter to help calm irritated skin and soothe dry, cracked lips.


Product Description

A buttery organic lip balm made with moisturizing Virgin Shea butter. Naturally extracted from shea nuts, Virgin Shea Butter has natural smoky, nutty scent.

  • Shea butter promotes skin cell growth, aids in skin elasticity, helps calm inflamed skin and soothes dry, cracked lips
  • Moisturizing almond oil nourishes lips
  • Babassu is one of nature’s richest emollients and is especially good for dry, irritated skin
  • Use daily for intensive treatment for dry, dehydrated or mature lips

What you put on your lips goes into your body. This is an All Natural, Certified Organic, Cruelty-Free, Non-GMO lip balm.

How to Use

Directions: Apply balm liberally to your lips as often as needed to help heal protect dry or chapped lips. Particularly helpful during dry, cold weather conditions.

  • Apply Lip Balm At Night: At night many people sleep with their mouths open, causing their lips to dry out. Apply lip balm before going to sleep—especially in the winter. 
  • Prepares Lips For Color: Moisturized lips provide smooth and soft background for color. Applying a very thin coat of lip balm before lipstick helps color shine.

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