Dog/Pet Shampoo: Creamy Coconut Milk
Dog/Pet Shampoo: Creamy Coconut Milk
Dog/Pet Shampoo: Creamy Coconut Milk
Dog/Pet Shampoo: Creamy Coconut Milk

Dog/Pet Shampoo: Coconut Milk

An unscented pet shampoo made with moisturizing oils and coconut milk adds moisture and deep conditioning for a soothing bath.
Product Overview

This mild pet shampoo bar is crafted to be as gentle and mild as possible. It is perfect for sensitive skin and ideal for puppies looking for their first shampoo. Extra gentle, unscented, and moisturizing, our natural, vegan, coconut pet shampoo is a soothing choice for animal friends with irritated skin and those that cannot tolerate essential oils, like Cats and Ferrets!

Our natural, gentle formulation is packed with organic ingredients to soothe, soften, moisturize, and condition your pet's skin and coat for a soothing bath that helps preserve your pet's natural oil production to prevent dryness.

Coconut milkis packed with healthy skin oils and antioxidants. The high-fat content helps soothe and moisturize sensitive or dry skin, soften fur, condition the coat and add body and shine. Avocado oil imparts silkiness, softness, and shine to the coat. 

Rich in nourishing fatty acids, Coconut Oil has natural emollient properties that help mainatin a soft, silky, shiny, and healthy coat. When applied topically, the oil is readily absorbed into the skin, providing deep hydration and creating a protective layer for dry and itchy skin.

Why Our Dog Shampoo?

  • Made with organic ingredients, it does not contain harsh chemicals that strip natural oils and dry out the skin leaving coats dull and lifeless.
  • A rich and creamy conditioning shampoo bar to help soothe dry, itchy skin.
  • Lathers up and rinses out easily.
  • Environmentally-friendly: packaged in a compostable cardboard box and no plastic bottle!
  • Economical: replaces 2 or 3 bottles of liquid shampoo. 
  • Contains no synthetic fragrances or colors, sulfates or parabens.
  • The perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand for easier use!

We are active in and support Rescue Village, our amazing local animal shelter!


Need to freshen your dog’s coat between washes? Our Dry Shampoo for Dogs absorbs excess oils and leaves your dog's coat smelling fresh and clean while boosting natural shine.

How To Use

Using a bar of soap to wash your pet is much simpler and less messy than using liquid soap. The perfect size bar fits in the palm of your hand for easier use.

  • Thoroughly wet your pet with warm water
  • Rub the bar on your pet's wet coat and use your fingers to create a rich, creamy lather. If necessary, add more water to create lather.
  • Working from head to tail, carefully avoiding eyes, massage the natural shampoo deep into the coat on the body, belly, neck and feet.
  • Rinse thoroughly to prevent dried soapy hair.
  • Repeat if your pet is really dirty, but one wash is usually enough.
  • Rub your pet down with a clean, dry towel.

When finished bathing your dog, allow the bar to dry out completed and then store it back in its box until the next bath time.

Tip: Apply a bit of shampoo to a small cotton face pad (I use this one) and use it to gently wipe that grimy area around the snout and under the eyes.

Effective, Feel Good Ingredients

The goal is simple: to Harness the Power & Simplicity of Nature® to cleanse, soothe, heal, and protect your skin and hair!

Our unique formulas rely on moisturizing oils and butters, healing botanicals, and pure essential oils. We choose every ingredient with one end-result in mind….the BEST possible natural skin care for YOU!

Featured Ingredients

Organic Coconut Milk
Organic Coconut Milk
Organic Avocado Oil
Organic Avocado Oil
Organic Sweet Almond Oil
Organic Sweet Almond Oil
All Ingredients:
Organic Coconut Oil*
Organic Canola Oil
Organic Castor Bean Oil
Organic Sunflower Oil
Organic Palm Oil (Sustainable)
Organic Coconut Milk
Distilled Water
Sodium Hydroxide^
Organic Avocado Oil
Organic Sweet Almond Oil
Organic Rosemary Oil Extract (ROE)

*Ingredient is Fair Trade Certified

^Used in the saponification process to turn oil into soap and glycerin. None remains in the finished product. 

Made with certified organic Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil & Coconut Milk
Certified Organic By OEFFA  
A USDA Accredited Organic Certifying Agent

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Chagrin Valley Natural Soaps

Aren't all handmade natural soaps the same? . . .

The answer is NO!

Natural Organic Sage Mist SoapSaying a soap is "handmade" says nothing about quality of the ingredients or the knowledge and skill of the soapmaker!

Chagrin Valley is not just another soap and skincare company. We are committed to healthy skin, healthy people and a healthy planet.

We are a USDA Certified Organic Company specializing in luxurious, organic, handmade natural soaps and shampoo bars rich in natural glycerin for healthier skin and hair.

It's all about the ingredients! Inspired by our love of nature, we use organic herbs, seeds, flowers, vegetables, fragrant spices, fruits, pure essential oils and purifying clays for their exceptional skincare benefits and to provide natural color, aromatherapy, texture, or gentle exfoliation. Nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, no GMO’s, just natural wholesome ingredients.

Chagrin Valley's Natural Soap & Shampoo Bars Are...

  • all natural
  • made with USDA Certified Organic ingredients
  • handcrafted in small batches using the old-fashioned Cold Process Method
  • made with sustainable and fair trade ingredients
  • certified cruelty-free
  • free of detergents
  • free of synthetic fragrances
  • free of synthetic colors
  • free of artificial preservatives
  • free of artificial foam boosters
  • free of alcohol and petroleum products
  • free of synthetic additives
  • free of GMOs
  • biodegradable
  • mild and nourishing
  • rich in natural glycerin
  • magnificent long-lasting lather
  • cured for 8 to 10 weeks

Our soap making process uses only natural and organic ingredients. Why add artificial ingredients to a handmade product?

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Are Your Products and Ingredients Cruelty Free?

All of Chagrin Valley's natural soap, shampoo bars, and personal care products are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny.

 Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve has been Leaping Bunny Certified since 2013. 

Natural Organic Skin Care Cruelty-Free Leaping Bunny LogoThe Leaping Bunny Program was developed in 1996, by The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC), to identify and support companies that are doing their part to help eliminate the unnecessary use and mistreatment of animals to test cosmetic products and ingredients. The CCIC is made up of eight animal protection groups including the Humane Society of the U.S., as well as groups from Canada and Europe.

At Chagrin Valley we do not test our finished products on animals (other than human volunteers). But what about the raw materials, the ingredients we use?

Many products display labels claiming that their finished product is ‘not tested on animals’ but this does not guarantee that the product ingredients are actually free from animal testing. 

The CCIC Standard is a pledge that a company makes to remove animal testing from all stages of product development. Our pledge to buy ingredients that are cruelty-free is integrated into the purchase agreement for all of our suppliers.

Personal care products displaying the “real” Leaping Bunny logo are certified ‘cruelty-free' using the internationally recognized Humane Cosmetics Standards. These rigorous standards require that no animal testing is performed or authorized for finished products or any of the ingredients in any stage of product development by the company, its laboratories or its suppliers after a fixed cut-off date. All Leaping Bunny companies are subject to independent audits and pledge commitments that are renewed on an annual basis.

This annual renewal is a key requirement that sets the Leaping Bunny Program apart from other cruelty-free certification programs. Companies that manufacture products, as well as their ingredient suppliers, must annually recommit to upholding their promise to not conduct animal testing on any finished products, ingredients, or formulations.

Why is this annual commitment renewal important? "Because product formulations change, suppliers come and go, and manufacturers develop innovative lines to meet consumer needs. But we know that compassionate consumers need to be confident that no animal testing is involved in the products they use."

At Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve . . .

  • we do NOT test our products on animals
  • we do NOT use ingredients tested on animals
  • we do NOT sell into markets that require animal testing

The Leaping Bunny Program provides
the best assurance to consumers
that they are making compassionate shopping choices
by purchasing Cruelty-Free skin care!

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