Babassu Oil and Marsh Mallow Root Natural Shampoo

Babassu Marsh Mallow

A natural shampoo bar made with emollient rich, deeply nourishing babassu oil, a great hair care oil for thick, coarse or kinky hair with a warm citrus ginger scent.


Product Description

A natural shampoo bar made with emollient-rich, deeply nourishing babassu oil with a warm citrus ginger scent.  Recommended for thick coarsely textured hair, tightly coiled curly hair, dry and over-processed hair. 

  • Organic babassu oil moisturizes and restores hair strength and elasticity, for shiny, healthy-looking hair
  • Organic marsh mallow root softens, soothes and hydrates the hair and scalp
    • Provides relief from scalp irritation
    • Helps detangle hair for increased manageability
  • Great for coarse or kinky hair, hair that needs body, or dry hair
  • Aloe strengthens the hair shaft, makes hair smoother, silkier, and more manageable
  • Essential oils of lemon and ginger help restore body and shine and balance oil production
  • A Chinese folk remedy recommends rubbing ginger root on the scalp to stop hair loss

A sulfate free, silicone free, paraben free natural shampoo


Why use shampoo bars? They are natural, gentle, environmentally friendly, cost effective and convenient. Customers tell us that switching to shampoo bars helps increase volume and shine and reduce shedding, dandruff, and frizz. 

How to Use

Technique #1: Use The Bar Directly On Your Hair
  • Begin with thoroughly wet hair.
  • Gently rub wet the shampoo bar directly onto your hair from scalp to Natural Hair Shampooends in a combing motion.
  • Cover each section of your hair. Gently massage scalp and hair, adding more water as needed, until a good lather forms.
  • To prevent tangles, be sure to always work from the top down, don't pile your hair on your head and use your fingers like a comb, not a mixer.
  • With this method, it is very important that you really build up a good lather on your head so there are no patches of soap left on your hair.
  • Rinse, rinse, rinse! 
  • Repeat if desired
Technique #2: Create The Lather in Your HandsHow To Use Natural Organic Shampoo Bars
  • Begin with thoroughly wet hair.
  • Rub the wet shampoo bar between your wet hands to create a nice lather.
  • Using your fingers like a comb, smooth the lather along your hair.
  • Gently massage it into the scalp and hair, as you would with a bottled shampoo.
  • Work up a good lather
  • Rinse, rinse, rinse!
  • Repeat if desired.

If you have long hair, please check out the FAQ on the left titled, "Ida's Shampoo Bar Technique for Long Hair."



Shampoo Bars Are One Of Our Favorite Discoveries!

The wholesome goodness of our handcrafted soap is available for your hair.

Natural Organic Sunflower Shampoo Bar


Shampoo bars are an all natural conditioning shampoo in a solid bar form. Yes, this is real shampoo in a solid bar. Shampoo bars are not a new idea.

They were commonly used before liquid detergent shampoos and conditions were invented in the 1940's.

Although the process for making a shampoo bar is the same as making soap, our shampoo bar "recipes" are specially formulated with natural plant oils, butters, botanicals and essential oils that nourish your hair and scalp.

Natural Carrot Shampoo

Our shampoo bars contain no artificial fragrance, color, preservatives, detergents, alcohol, urea, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate, DEA, propylene glycol - or any of the other synthetic hair care additives.

Each of our shampoo bar selections contains a different blend of natural plant oils, essential oils, and herb infused oils. No two recipes are the same.


Which Shampoo Bar Is Best For My Hair?

Click here for help choosing an all natural shampoo bar!

Everything You Want To Know About Shampoo Bars!

Please read "Everything About Shampoo Bars!"

Can I Use A Shampoo Bar With Color Treated Hair?

Natural Coffee ShampooMost people find that shampoo bars are easier on color treated hair than commercial shampoos.  

We have many customers who color their hair and use our gentle shampoo bars. One customer who "darkens" her hair wrote to tell us that she is now able to go one month longer before recoloring her hair.

Another customer who "lightens" her hair, wrote that the color stays "nicer" longer and she does not get that "brassy" blonde color anymore.

But since everyone's hair and coloring products are different, please do a strand test to judge for yourself.

To do a strand test, shampoo a strand of hair in a non-conspicuous area and rinse. Notice if there are any changes. 

The good thing about the shampoo bars is that they actually prolong color - before I started using them, I'd have to dye my hair every 3 weeks, now it's every 5-6 weeks. Venessa, Indiana


Conventional shampoos and conditioners, even some that claim to be natural, contain waxes, silicones or other additives that coat your hair to make it feel smooth.

Since our natural shampoo bars do not strip hair like detergent based shampoos, you may notice your hair feels different immediately after washing because your hair is accustomed to the squeaky clean feel of detergent based shampoo.

Switching from conventional shampoo to a natural shampoo bar often means a transition or adjustment period. While many folks have little problem with their hair adjusting to a new routine, some do. 

Since everyone's hair is unique it is difficult to tell you exactly what your transition, if any, will look and feel like. Your hair may feel greasier than normal or it may even feel drier than normal. It may feel waxy, coated or just weird. 

This transition period, which can range from a few days to a few weeks or even a month, is literally a time for your hair, which has been addicted to chemical-laden shampoos, to go through withdrawal, and learn to live a chemical-free life. It's not easy!

It may take some patience, but if you can persevere, your reward will be healthy, soft and silky hair.

We have been making shampoo bars for over 14 years and have received so many questions. Below are links to pages that may help answer your adjustment questions.

For more detailed information and great transition tips please read our blog "Tips Adjusting To Shampoo Bars."

Whether or not you need to use an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse depends on a number of factors.

  • Your water: If your hair does not seem to be adjusting to the shampoo bars, it may be due to your water. Hard water makes it more difficult to rinse natural shampoo from your hair. Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse
  • Hair length: Many of our male customers and women with short hair have found that they do not need to rinse with vinegar, simply because their hair is short.
  • Tangles: ACV rinses often help with tangles.
  • Residue: If your hair has residue from previous products or you regularly use conditioners, styling gels etc., our shampoo bars are mild and may not remove residue from your hair like detergent shampoos. ACV rinses help remove build-up and product residue.
  • Hair type: Everyone's hair is unique.


Check out our selection of ACV Rinses

I wish I could use an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse very day. Besides creating tangle-free locks, I also love the way it makes my hair look and feel. As I have gotten older my hair has become drier and I can only use an ACV rinse 2 or 3 times week.

Natural Organic Skin Care Information

Blog: Make Your Own Natural Vinegar Hair Rinse

Blog: How Your Water Affects Your Hair


Ida's Shampooing Technique for Long Hair

Men and women with short hair seldom have hair adjustment problems. Folks with long hair have to tinker a bit with technique and bar type. I have found that often times the technique can make all the difference. 

You have to experiment with your unique hair type. I have long, fine hair. Below is my technique for using a shampoo bar. I...Natural Organic Long Hair Shampoo

  • thoroughly wet my hair
  • tie my long hair into a loose ponytail
  • wet the shampoo bar and rub the bar across the top of my head in strokes from front to back until I have covered the entire scalp area. (I have found that if I rub any shampoo vigorously in all directions, my fine long hair gets very tangled)
  • massage my entire scalp in a combing motion to work the lather through my hair. I do not rub the bar or work the lather on the length of my hair.
  • take out my ponytail and rinse allowing the shampoo to drip down the length of my hair. (I have found that this rinsing is enough to clean the length of my hair.)
  • rinse for at LEAST one minute as I rub my fingers through my hair to be sure that all of the shampoo is rinsed away
  • squeeze gently on the length to remove excess water and cover with a towel while I dry off the rest of me. I do not rub the towel over my wet hair because it causes nasty tangles.
  • use a wide toothed comb and gently comb from the bottom up

Dry and style your hair as usual!


Some folks do, and some don't!

For Body & LusterNatural Organic Coconut Shampoo

If you are using a conditioner because your hair is dull, lacks luster, and is dry--you may need a conditioner--that's another plastic bottle saved! Since commercial shampoos contain petroleum products which are actually drying to your hair and scalp, conditioners are usually needed.

Our natural shampoo bars will not strip the natural oils from your hair, so you will not need the typical moisturizing conditioners that people use to replace the natural oils stripped by detergent shampoos.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinses are an excellent addition to any natural hair care routine and can help bring back body and shine to dull, lackluster hair.


For Tangly Hair

Natural Organic Hair CareHair tangles result when individual hairs go in different directions and intertwine.

The outer layer of the hair, the cuticle, is made of overlapping layers of long scales that lie along the surface of the hair like shingles on a roof.

The condition of the cuticle scales in part determines whether you are going to have tangly hair. When you shampoo or even wet your hair, the cuticle opens making it prone to tangling.

The way you shampoo and your hair type can affect hair tangles. I have long, fine, thin hair that is very prone to tangling. Just imagine all of those little strands of hair as very thin strings—now put little burrs on the strings (the open cuticle) and you can see my problem.

When I used commercial shampoo I would go through a 16 ounce bottle of conditioner every week—just to get a comb through my hair. Using my shampoo bars haNatural Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinses made a big difference.

I wish I could use an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse very day. Besides creating tangle-free locks, I also love the way it makes my hair look and feel. As I have gotten older my hair has become dryer and I can only use an ACV rinse 2 or 3 times week.

Check out our selection of ACV Rinses

Natural Herbal Hair Tea Rinse

I have perfected a washing technique that helps with my tangles (see FAQ) but sometimes I need a tiny bit of conditioner on the ends or I use our Organic Herbal Hair Rinse Detangler blend.

Helpful hint: If I comb through my hair length while it is still lathered and continue to comb as I rinse, the tangles comb out more easily.


The Short Answer

Natural Organic Soap

Yes And No!

Although handmade soaps usually get better with age, we recommend using our soaps within 12 months of purchase. Our scented soaps should be used within 3 months after removing them from the box.

Although the soaps will not be "spoiled" after that time, you may notice some changes as natural soap ages.

  • some natural colors may fade over time
  • the scents from pure natural essential oil scents will fade over time 

Natural Soap Samples
The changes in color and scent happen even more quickly in our sample size bars.

These bars have a much greater surface area to volume ratio which allows essential oils to evaporate from the surface more quickly. However, the scent may still be there when you lather up. 

I have found some ancient bars hiding in my closet that years old. The scents were gone, but the lather was incredible!


The Long Answer

For a more detailed discussion please read our blog, "The Shelf Life, Color & Scent of an All Natural Soap." 

How You Can Help Prolong Shelf-LifeNatural Organic Soap

  • Natural soaps need to breathe. Exposure to air promotes hardening of your soap and contributes to longer-lasting quality. Soap should be left unwrapped in their boxes or wrapped with breathable materials. Tight wrappers cause humid conditions by preventing evaporation of moisture.

  • Our soaps are packaged in breathable, recyclable, sustainable packaging! Keep your natural handmade soaps in a dry, cool place away from sunlight, excessive heat and humidity.

  • Our scented soaps, like Lavender Rosemary, can be placed in a muslin bag or wrapped in a piece of cloth and put in your linen closet or dresser drawer to give a delightful fragrance to your linens and clothes while waiting to be used.  

Natural-Organic-Adzuki-Bean-SoapAlthough we get asked this question often, it is a very difficult one to answer, because the bottom line is  . . . how old is the bar?

Handmade soap and shampoo bars made using the cold process method are formulated with a fairly high percentage of water or a water-based liquid and at the end of the soap reaction, they still contain water. The curing process allows excess water to evaporate. 

Our freshly cut full-size bars are soft and weigh approximately 6.4 to over 7.4 ounces.

These bars will lose approximately 12% of their weight as most of the water evaporates during the first 6 to 8 weeks of curing time. This means that an average fresh bar, at 6.8 ounces will weigh approximately 6.0 ounces after about 8 weeks. 

At Chagrin Valley Soap, our soap and shampoo bars are cured for about 10 to 12 weeks before selling and moisture will continue to evaporate over time as the bar ages. So, as our soap and shampoo bars sit waiting for a new home they will continue to shrink in size. 

While some soap companies use the fresh-cut weight on their packaging, we use the average weight of our bars after at least a 10 week curing time. While some soapmakers allow their soaps to cure for only 4-weeks, we know that our longer, slower curing time ensures a milder, harder, longer-lasting bar, with a very rich lather.

Some soap companies shrink wrap their soap bars to help prevent continuous shrinkage due to evaporation. We have a few big problems with that idea. First of all, we know that we definitely do not need any more plastic added to our planet and so we choose to be as plastic-free as possible. Secondly, although we know there will continue to be a small weight (and scent) loss over time, we prefer that over sacrificing the quality of our soap. 

Since each of our soap/shampoo recipes is different and the percent of liquid used varies, the amount of water that evaporates over time and the bar size will also vary.

The average weight of Chagrin Valley full-size natural soap and shampoo bars is about 5.6 to 5.8 ounces after 10 weeks of curing. The average full-bar dimensions in inches are approximately 3.75 x 3 x 1.


Our Natural Soap and Shampoo Trial Size Sample Bars weigh approximately 1.5 to 2 ounces.

Summary of the variation in weight

  • Our soaps are a handmade product
  • As our curing bars sit and wait for a new home, they will continue to lose water weight and shrink a bit
  • Since all of our recipes are different, the amount and type of liquid used to make each recipe differ and the more liquid used in the recipe, the more they will shrink as they cure
  • In Winter the dry heat will often cause bars to shrink a bit more
  • No plastic wrapping
  • The good news is that the older bars will last longer and lather even better


Most handmade soap companies sell bars that are about 3.5 to 4.5 ounces. Our customers have told us that they like the larger size bars. 

When you compare the prices of other soaps, please compare SIZE and ingredients as well!

Product Reviews


Hello Chagrin Valley Family! I wanted to share with you my experience with your products. I started the journey of all natural body products about a year ago. I have ordered a variety of products but I specifically wanted to mention a few of my favorites. The marsh mallow babassu shampoo bar is amazing. The lather is silly and smooth. I'm Asian but my hair isn't quite as thick, straight, or heavy as normal Asian hair. It was perfect for my hair and the AVC conditioning rinse that was suggested on your website made all the difference. The nettle and garden herb bars have helped me tremendously this winter. My scalp normally gets dry and flaky in winter but these two bars have prevented that.

Lastly, I just received the eye and face whipped squalene moisturizer. I've have a bumpy rash around my mouth for over a year, a type of dermatitis. It wasn't really noticeable but bothered me a lot none the less. After a lot of money and many products, the whipped squalene has dried the rash up to nearly invisible in 4 days! And the bumps are gone! I'm not sure how this dried up the rash and moisturized at the same time. I also had dry red crepiness under my eyes and it took care of that as well. It may be the best $10 I ever spent! I just can't thank you enough! Bouny, New York

I have super long curly hair...and I have a lot of it. I never in a million years thought I could go without a conditioner. Ever since I started using conditioner as a girl, I have never once washed my hair and not used one. Until I decided to experiment. I was very hesitant but I decided to use my trusty babassu shampoo and an ACV rinse and lo and behold my hair was amazingly soft and did not look or feel any different from when I used my conditioner! It also was not more difficult to comb through my hair as I was dreading it would be! I now go once a week without a conditioner and I'm working on cutting it out completely. I highly recommend this shampoo with AVC, it's amazing! Kiana, Canada

Hello Chagrin Valley Team! Today I received my Babassu Marsh Mallow shampoo bar in the mail and could not be happier with it! I live in Orlando, Florida and the water down here is very hard. I have curly, frizzy hair and after just one use, I noticed how much lighter, softer and more manageable my hair was! You’ve got a new dedicated customer :) Thanks for everything! Jaimee, Florida


Dear Ida, I just purchased your babassu and marsh mallow shampoo bar and it was wonderful. I have Afro textured hair 4a or maybe 4b, when I mean, I did not need to use my conditioner. I DID NOT HAVE TO USE MY CONDITIONER. It was sooooo EASY to detangle in the shower. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. It also encourages binding for my hair making my curls easier to manage. And may I add, I had just taken out a sue in before I used it, my scalp was very itchy and sore, so your soap really relieved that problem. Please please DO NOT go anywhere, never have I been able to find a shampoo that does this. Can’t wait to tell my friends. Oh and I also purchased you Rosemary Mint bar haven't tried it yet, but got a feeling it going to be WONDERFUL!!! Christina, Louisiana

I am an absolute convert after using your Babassu Marsh Mallow Shampoo. Being Chinese, I have thick, coarse Asian hair that usually requires extra conditioner. After a few initial uses of the Babassu marsh Mallow Shampoo, I am astonished by how soft and smooth my hair feels - no conditioner needed. Thank you for making wholesome, natural, affordable products that actually work. Jennie, New Jersey

I have very long thick red hair and my husband has very thin fine blond hair. We both started using the MarshMallow shampoo bar and just love it. No conditioner is needed....really! My hair comes out soft and perfect and so does his. It leaves a very clean but not at all overpowering scent. And the lather is incredible! I have also tried using the regular soap bars on my hair and have been happy with those results as well. I have tried the vinegar rinse and can say that it is true that once your hair is dry there is no odor of vinegar. It does as good or better of a job as any store bought cream rinse but....using the MarshMallow bar I find I don't need it. Thanks for the wonderful products that I can feel good about using and buying. Lorraine, New Mexico

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how very VERY much I love your soaps. I will never use another (as long as you keep making 'em). Let me tell you why... I have color treated curly hair that has a tendency to be dry and frizzy and require gobs of conditioner and styling product, and I also always have flakes, even when i have just washed my hair...since using your shampoo bars (babassu and marsh mellow is the one I tried first) my hair has more body, is shiny and healthier looking, and its even curlier, frizz free, and the color looks better too! But the very best part is, those persistent flakes that I've had forever and thought I would have to just live with? They are COMPLETELY gone!

As for the soaps (so far I have used Patchouli and Lavender Spice) Not only do they smell amazing, but ever since I started using them I don't need to use lotion, and my tattoos (some of which are several years old) look brand new again, then are as intense as if they we're freshly inked. You are miracle workers and I am amazed in the changes your products have made to the way I look and feel. Sarah, New York

I started using the Babassu Marsh Mallow shampoo bar and have used it exclusively to give a good test. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I decided NOT to read your description of this wonderful soap so that I would not be swayed or influenced by any power of suggestion (which works really well with me). The 1st time I used it, I asked myself how I would describe this soap. The word that kept coming to me was "soothing"!!!! It feels very soothing to my scalp!! I also love the scent as well!! One day, I got together with a girlfriend after I had just washed my hair. As we hugged hello, she said, "hmmm you smell good!" It's a winner in my book--wouldn't change a thing!! I mentioned to you about my struggle with being able to get a comb through my hair after washing. I tried something new: I just run a comb through my hair while the shampoo is still on my hair-- BEFORE I rinse it out!! Problem solved!!! Diana, Ohio

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